Bika LIMS : Free Open source Laboratory Information Management System.

Bika LIMS, is one of the oldest and yet reliable LIMS around, As it went to production in 2005, providing releases, and support for the users. It has also very clear workflow and powerful documents support as it exports the results in different formats.

LIMS came out as a web based system, supporting many languages, and clean UI for the users.

Features :

  • Multi-user roles and permissions.
  • Results Export.
  • Integration ready with existing ERP systems.
  • Total Quality Control Tools : Sampling, Methods, Product specifications, ISO 17025 quality single and multi Sample COA , Logs and audit trails.
  • Finance & Management and Reporting Tools.
  • Dynamic and Easy accisable logging.
  • Barcode printing and scanning


Bika team has extended the functionality of the core system to create BikaHealth which is Patient Centred, and EMR Integration Ready.



Bika was build on top of Zope framework, and Plone CMS/ Framework, which are build on Python. The UI may look outdates, But Bika is a solid system for Labs. It has very clear documentation, powerful team to support it and very powerful users community as well as very effective sponsors who realise the necessity of this project.

Bika may look tricky to install for non-experianced users but it takes no time with experianced developers to make it up and running. Bika has listed Professional LIMS user and technical support Service providers - list .

BikaLIMS Github
BikaHealth Github