What is a password manager?

A password manager program is software that helps you keep and organize your password securely and privately. It is an essential tool for active internet users who value their security.

What does the password manager do?

The primary function of a password manager is as its name suggests is managing your passwords. However, it comes packed with dozens of other useful and security features like one database vault, data sync between devices, offline modes, and password generators.

Password Manager

Do you need a password manager app?

If you are using dozens of internet services, it will be difficult to memorize all of your passwords especially if they are long and complex. With the password manager app, you don't have to, as one master password that locks your vault, and autofill your password securely into the field.

Moreover, if you use multiple devices, or different operating systems, a cross-platform password manager that sync with all of your devices can provide you with a seamless secure login experience to all of your services.

About this list

Here, in this post, we are listing our open-source collection of password managers, for different platforms. Hoping, to aid our readers with this list as a resource. Note that this article is an evergreen article which means that we will add new password manager programs as they lunch.

1- KeePass

KeePass is considered the oldest free, open-source password manager program in this list. It works for Windows with two editions an installable, and a portable edition. It also works on Linux, and macOS.

KeePass was the primary source for developers to create several ports for iOS, Windows, Linux, and Android.

2- PassBolt

PassBolt is a free web-based open-source for teams which is used by more than 10,000 organizations.  It supports multiple users, user groups, folder organization, tags, search, and exports.

3- Padloc

Padloc is a clutter-free, password manager for desktop, mobile and the browsers.

4- AuthPass

AuthPass is a free, open-source password manager app for Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS.

5-Password Safe

Password Safe is yet another simple, free password manager for Windows, Linux, macOS that supports multiple languages and come with a dozen of features for the daily users.

6- Clipperz;

Lunched at 2005, Clipperz is an online web-based password manager and digital vault for sensitive data. Clipperz is an open-source transparent and privacy-oriented project.

It supports offline copy, comes with import/ export options, mobile version, and one time password feature.

7- Passit

If you are looking for a web-based password manager that works well with Chrome and Firefox then you should consider Passit. It also offers an Android app, and it comes with progressive web app features for iOS.

8- ButterCup

ButterCup is a popular password manager for the web, mobile and desktop. If you are switching between desktop systems, as Linux, macOS, and Windows, ButterCup got you covered with their official release apps.

ButterCub is also available for Android, iOS, and Google Chrome.

9- MacPass

MacPass is a native macOS password manager which is also free, and open-source. Furthermore, it is compatible with KeePass databases.

10- LessPass

LessPass is a multi-port password manager for command-line "CLI", iOS, Android, Chrome, and Firefox. It is an ideal solution for users who like to use complex passwords.


POSNO is an outstanding web-based and self-hosted password manager that anyone can setup and install on a personal cloud. The user can also access it from everywhere, because it has a responsive user-friendly interface.

12- TeamPass

TeamPass is a web-based self-hosted password manager for teams. It can be installed easily using Docker and Docker-compose.

TeamPass supports offline mode, personal folders, and comes with a strong encryption.

13- Pass

If you are an old school user who value CLI applications and do his work thru the terminal, then you must consider Pass. It is a free, open-source CLI/ terminal app to manage your passwords, on Linux and Unix systems.

14- KeePassXC

KeePassXC is a multi-platform password manager which some many consider the newer user-friendly version of KeePass.

15- KeePassDX

KeePassDX is the KeePass port for Android system. It can be installed from Google's Play Store, or F-Droid store. KeePassDX is compatible with other KeePass products, and it is totally an open-source project.


KeePassium is a native KeePass port for the iOS system that works seamlessly on iPhone and iPad devices.

17- Strongbox

macOS's users tend to use iOS as well, therefore, if you are one of them consider using Strongbox which works for your iPhone and MacBook.

Strongbox is also compatible with KeePass, and supports offline mode.

It offers iOS-specific features like native autofill, and native look and feel. It comes with a strong password generator, an easy to remember XKCD passwords, built-on TOTP codes, and multiple database support.

18- KeePassX

KeePassX is a password manager that extends its functionalities to all private information such as URLs, attachments, comments, and user-defined fields.

The app is a free, and open-source and anyone can download it for Windows, and macOS.

17- KeeWeb

KeeWeb is a fancy clutter-free, password manager for the web, macOS, Linux, and Windows. KeeWeb also supports cloud sync, offline mode, image attachments, and comes with a strong option-rich password generator.

18- Bitwarden

Bitwarden is a free, multi-user password manager for individuals and enterprise. The source code of Bitwarden is available on GitHub for anyone who wants to contribute, audit or use.

19- WinPass

WinPass is a KeePass compatible password manager for Windows. It is available for free on Microsoft app store.

20- KeePass4Web

Keepass4Web is a feature-rich application that serves KeePass database entries on a web frontend.

21- Secrets

Secrets is a password manager which integrates perfectly with the GNOME desktop and provides an easy and uncluttered interface for the management of password databases.

22- PassVault

PassVault is an open-source password manager for Windows, Linux, and Android systems. It stores all password under a main key password, It also offers a strong password generator using custom parameters for any given length.

23- Master Key

Master Key is a password manager for Linux with a password generator which supports multiple accounts, and comes with a strong search functionality.

24- Revelation

Revelation is an open-source Libre password manager for Gnome desktops. It stores an unlimited amount of encrypted passwords in an organized manner, and supports importing and exporting to various formats.

23- GoPass

GoPass is a simple terminal password manager app for old school command-line enthusiasts. As its name suggests GoPass is written in Go programming languages and works on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

GoPass comes with several useful tools that include multiple store management, secure secret storage, password leak checker, REST API, modular structure, and more.

24- Seahorse

Seahorse is the favorite password manager package for many Linux users. You can find it in the official repository for most Linux and BSD distributions.

Seahorse allows users to manage their encryption keys, passwords with Gnome Keyring. It caches passphrase for multiple use, backup keys and keyrings, and create SSH keys, and sync them with servers.

25- QtPass

QtPass is a free, open-source password manager for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

26- Keypass4Mac

A KeePass compatible password manager for macOS, iOS, and Google Chrome.

27- Password Store

Password Store is a free, open-source password manager for Android.

28- AuthPass

AuthPass is a standalone password manager for the popular KeePass database format "kbdx".

29- aRevelation

aRevelation is an Android password manager based on the Revelation Password Manager file format.

30- ValutWarden

ValutWarden is an official Bitwarden-compatible server written in Rust programming language.

31- Pass-WinMenu

This is a simple, easy-to-use password manager for Windows.

32- Pass for iOS

Pass for iOS - an iOS client compatible with Pass command line application.

33- Pass for macOS

This is a macOS wrapper for pass, the standard UNIX password manager.

34- Swifty

A free Offline-first Password Manager for macOS, Windows, and Linux

35- Password Manager

The Password Manager is a simple password manager that is written with TypeScript, C#, and JavaScript.

36- goky

Goky is a password manager, which does not require a password vault. The goky is written in Go Programming language.

37- Passky

Passky is a simple, modern, lightweight, open source and secure password manager. It is written in PHP and can be installed using Docker.

38- Ripasso

A simple password manager written in Rust programming language. It works from the terminal or with a QT GUI which is currently unstable.

39- NoKey

NoKey is a distributed password manager that works without a master password. NoKey is available for Android, and as a Google Chrome extension.

40- jPass

The jPass is a password manager app with strong encryption (AES-256) that is written with Java/Swing.

41- Password Manager

A simple desktop password manager which released as an open-source project. It is built using Vue.js framework, and Electron.

42- PassWeb

PassWeb is a simple, secure, cloud-based password manager.

If you know of any other open-source, free password manager that we didn't list here, let us know.