Horos Free/ Open source DICOM Viewer for Mac OSX for Radiologists.

Horos is a free and open-source medical imaging/ DICOM viewer for MacOSX, based on OsiriX and several open source other libraries. It's released under LGPL v3 license.

Horos has been featured in our list of open source free DICOM Viewers for MacOSX, so as: Open source PACS clients & DICOM workstation.

Download - Install:

Horos is still actively  developed and with the latest stable version for MacOSX Horos 3.3.2  supports macOS 10.11+, and notify the user while it downloads with an incoming new version. Download size is about 60 MB in form of " DMG " mountable disk image. Unlike most of the open-source software for healthcare which requires complex installation and configuration steps with layers of other requirements to run , Horos has basic and simple install, and zero configuration, which in favor of daily MacOSX users, mainly because Horos is a native and only for MacOSX machines.


Very clean and simple User Interface, and Mac OSX Native UI. With the Main navigation/ Toolbar  the user can access to the most common use tools for Horos as Cloud Service shortcuts ( Access, Reporting and Sharing ) which is provided as a service by HorosCloud.io,  Importing, Exporting and Sharing features, as well as Viewer-specific tools, and of course reporting. Horos Toolbar is customizable through  Format-> Customize-Toolbar, so the user can place his mostly used daily tools for easy access.

. Horos has plugins manager which control the installed plugins and allow the user to install plugins from Horos repositories with one-click-install, also it expand it's plugins to use OsiriX Plugins as well. ( I could not connect to Osirix Server yet to install their plugins).

Horos provide multiple options to export and share in Horos Menu : File->Export, user can export ti image with different format ( JPG, PNG, TIFF ), send  to email,  Video, or DICOM node/ or files. Also in the navigation panel Horos provide one-click access to burn to disk or image.

Settings/ Preferences.

Horos has straightforward and simple Preferences/ Settings Manager to manage the Database, Server, Viewers settings manager,  DICOM printers, plugins specific settings section, and sharing settings section as well.

Horos Settings Manager

DICOM Query Advanced search query

DICOM Query shortcut opens a Query window filled with query options  based on Patient details, referring doctor, comments, institution , Description, or stats. Horos Query utilise search filters  with Date/ Time, to narrow the search results. It also provides a refresh option to refresh the results soon as the Data is updated.

The Horos developers team made a huge effort to provide a usable production ready solution for DICOM and they deliver it as an Open Source Projects, and for MacOSX where almost 90% or more of the production usable ready softwares are NOT Free. They cover wide range of users as Doctors/ Radiologists, health-care facilities in different countries and their project is in active development. Hopefully within the few releases we can see more useful features as integration with other Open source EMR/ EHR projects, or tools to do so.


Though Horos is variable to download and use for free as an open-source software, it also provides technical support as professional paid support as well for implementation, configuration, troubleshooting and integration. Horos team is providing a training as well through Horos Academy with affordable prices.


With more than 1300 users donated to Horos project  with about $31.000, Horos development team is aiming for $100.000. donation link.


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