Manage your PostgreSQL Time series with TimescaleDB (open-source)

What are time series?

Time series is a series of time-value pairs in a successive, timely order. As an example, a daily/or a monthly closing price over a year.

It is commonly used for storing, searching, retrieving, and managing timely data.

Time series has 4 components which are:

  1. Secular trend: describes the movement along the term
  2. Seasonal variation (changes) over the time
  3. Cyclical fluctuations: represent the periodical changes but not corresponding with the seasonal variation
  4. Irregular variations

Time series are used in statistics, finance (accounting), data analytics, mathematics, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, medicine, communication engineering, security analytics, and many other domains.

What is TimescaleDB?

TimescaleDB is an open-source project that supercharges PostgreSQL with time series management tools, to speed up the data processing and provide faster queries than its parent (PostgreSQL) or its other counterparts.

It comes with two editions, a community edition that is fully open-source and hosted (managed) edition which features more tools, and options.

TimescaleDB Features

  1. Significantly fast, 10-100x time than PostgreSQL, MongoDB, InfluxDB.
  2. Supports relational time-series
  3. Works on big data: tested on millions of records per node
  4. Runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, IBM cloud
  5. Developer-friendly API: If you are familiar with PostgreSQL, you can dive directly into Timescale
  6. Self-hosted and on-premise
  7. Support complex queries
  8. Works as PostgreSQL
  9. Multi-platform support: Linux (Ubuntu, RedHat Linux, CentOS, and Debian), macOS, and Windows.
  10. Docker installation support
  11. Third-party tools
  12. Developer-friendly docs


TimescaleDB is released under Apache license 2.0, and Timescale License.


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