11 Best Free Plagiarism Checker Services in 2024

11 Best Free Plagiarism Checker Services in 2024
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What is a Plagiarism Checker Service?

A Plagiarism Checker Service detects copied work within a document by cross-referencing the text with a vast content database.

It's crucial for maintaining academic integrity, ensuring writing originality, and avoiding copyright infringement.

Used widely in educational institutions and businesses, it also helps writers and researchers confirm their work's originality before publication.

In this list, you will find the best open-source plagiarism checker tools and service. However, some of them are limited in their free editions.

1. Free plagiarism checker

The free plagiarism checker tool performs a deep check on up to 1000 words, comparing each word to billions of web pages to ensure no plagiarized phrase or paragraph goes unnoticed. It provides accurate results with percentages of plagiarized and unique text, without identifying illogical duplication from unique content.

Key Features

  • Deep plagiarism check on up to 1000 words
  • Accurate results with percentages of plagiarized and unique text
  • Privacy assurance
  • Upload File and URL capability
  • Increased word count limit to 1000 words
  • Multi-language capability
  • Compare Duplicate Content feature
  • Rewrite Plagiarized Content feature
  • Option to download and share reports
  • Quick and efficient plagiarism detection
  • Rapid and extensive feedback
  • Highlighted results for unique and plagiarized portions
  • Comprehensive plagiarism score
  • Sentence and Document View modes
  • Display of matched sources

2. Scribbr Plagiarism Checker

Scribbr's plagiarism checker, in partnership with Turnitin, is the top choice for students due to its superior accuracy in detecting plagiarism compared to other tools.


  • Authorized Turnitin partner
  • Powered by leading plagiarism checking software
  • Detection of exact word matches to synonym swapping
  • Access to exclusive content databases
  • Comparison to the world’s largest content database (99 billion webpages, 8 million publications, and over 20 languages)
  • Capability to upload documents for self-plagiarism checks
  • Comparison against unpublished works
  • Turnitin Similarity Report
  • Ideal for students writing essays or papers
  • Confidentiality of submissions
  • Accurate plagiarism report
  • Capability to compare your work against publications
Plagiarism Checker
Catch accidental plagiarism with Scribbr, in partnership with Turnitin, using the same plagiarism checker software as most universities.

3. Online Plagiarism Checker

Online Plagiarism Checker is a free checker for students, and more. It supports uploading files from many resources, or checking a URL directly, and many more.

  • Comprehensive Plagiarism Detection
  • Deep analysis through advanced algorithms
  • Moodle plugin and API
  • Acceptance of multiple text formats and languages
  • Detailed plagiarism report
  • 99% accuracy of similarity results
  • AI-Generated Content Identification
  • High level of accuracy in content identification (up to 98%)
  • Direct comparison with extensive databases
  • Objective data analysis
  • Real-time content moderation
  • User-friendly report
  • Content Improvements
  • Spelling and grammar check
  • Content readability analysis
  • Assistance with sources’ attribution
  • In-depth text analysis from experienced editors
  • Overall expert feedback on written text
  • Constant Development
  • Keeping up with industry trends
  • Continuous innovation and experimentation
  • Encouraging client feedback and performance evaluation
  • Collaboration between the company and customer
  • Instant reaction to clients’ needs and suggestions
  • Safe Data Storage
  • Implemented safety policies and procedures
  • Security of client’s uploaded documents
  • Faultless safety protocols of data storage and accessibility
  • Continuous risk assessment and analysis
  • Established emergency response plans
  • Reasonable Prices
  • Multiple subscription plans to meet any budget
  • Customized solutions for businesses and organizations
  • Special offers for educators and educational establishments
  • Free monthly API trial and Moodle plugin access
  • Loyalty bonuses and affiliate programs

4. Editpad.org

Editpad.org provides a free online plagiarism checker tool that identifies duplicate content, allows for the addition of sources for non-quoted text, and generates downloadable plagiarism reports for freelance writing.


  • Simple interface
  • Free to use
  • File support (DOC, DOCX, TXT, PDF)
  • Provides unique and plagiarized content percentages
  • Identifies potential sources of plagiarism
  • Includes a paraphrasing tool for modifying plagiarized content
  • Allows download of plagiarism report
  • Word limit of 1000 words per check
  • Utilizes advanced technology for deep search to detect duplicate content
  • Supports many languages
Plagiarism Checker - Check 5000, 10000 & 15,000 Words
Plagiarism checker is a free online tool to check originality of the content. Check 5000, 10000, 15,000 & 20000 words free with report & percentage.

5. Check-Plagiarism

Check-Plagiarism provides a reliable plagiarism checker, widely used by writers and students at all levels of education. This tool offers deep plagiarism detection by simply entering the content and clicking a button.


  • Fast & Accurate: Scans your text against billions of web pages & online resources. Can check up to 1,000 words at once, 20,000 for premium users.
  • 100% Safe & Secure: All files and documents checked are completely secure. No user/search engine/crawler can access your data.
  • Multiple Files Support: Supports up to five documents at once (supported formats: doc, docx, txt, and pdf). Allows document comparison for plagiarism.
  • Easy-to-Use UI: Provides a simple process to check for content similarities with a detailed report with percentages.
  • Enhanced Reporting with the percentage: Provides a complete report with percentages to check which sentences of your content are unique and which are plagiarized.
  • Sentence Based Checking: Scans every single sentence and compares it with all online resources to detect plagiarism using advanced AI algorithms.
Free Online Plagiarism Checker - Check Plagiarism
Check-Plagiarism offers a free online plagiarism checker tool that helps students and writers to detect plagiarism with 100% accurate results.

6. Copyleaks.com

The AI-powered text analysis tool is trusted by leading organizations and institutions for plagiarism detection, identifying paraphrasing, detecting AI-generated content, verifying ownership, and ensuring error-free writing.

It uses advanced AI to detect even slight variations within the text, including hidden and manipulated characters.

Plagiarism Checker | AI-powered premium solution
Plagiarism checker by Copyleaks. The most comprehensive solution to detect plagiarized content. Get started today

7. EasyBib

The EasyBib plagiarism checker scans your work against billions of sources, identifies potential plagiarism, and provides a plagiarism score.

It highlights any text that could be categorized as potential plagiarism, allowing you to review each warning and adjust or cite it correctly. The tool is useful for avoiding unintentional plagiarism and citation mistakes before submitting work for grading.

Plagiarism Checker: Free Scan for Plagiarism | EasyBib
Catch accidental plagiarism and citation mistakes before you submit your work for grading. Stay ahead of the game with a check for plagiarism

8. Prepostseo SEOPlagiarism Checker

Prepostseo's plagiarism checker is a reliable online tool that detects duplicate content in documents, showing the plagiarism percentage and source. It is free and useful for students, writers, and bloggers, providing quick results.

The word limit for unregistered visitors is 1000 words, while registered basic users have a limit of 1200 words.


  • Multiple File Formats Support
  • User-friendly Upload Methods
  • High Accuracy in Plagiarism Detection
  • AI-Based Technology for Advanced Detection
  • Multilingual Support
  • Writing Enhancements
  • Fast & Deep Scanning
  • Privacy Protection
  • Unique and Plagiarized Content Differentiation
  • Easy-to-Understand Results
  • Immediate Plagiarism Removal
  • Grammar Error Highlighting
  • Ready-to-Publish Quality Content Generation
Plagiarism Checker - Free & Accurate with Percentage
Plagiarism Checker by Prepostseo - A free online tool to detect duplicate content. Accurately check plagiarism and display results with percentage.

9. Dupli Checker

Duplichecker is a plagiarism detection tool that identifies copyright infringement in various types of content. It supports multiple file formats and allows users to upload text in various ways, including direct copy-pasting and uploading from device or cloud storage.

Plagiarism Checker | 100% Free and Accurate - Duplichecker
Plagiarism Checker offered by DupliChecker. Completely free and accurate online tool to check plagiarism. Just Copy & Paste to detect Copied content

10. Free Online Plagiarism Checker

This is an AI-powered writing assistant that provides a plagiarism checker compatible with all common file formats. It offers real-time checking, data safety, identification of original sources, and has no word limit.

Free Plagiarism Checker Online for Students - PapersOwl
Advanced Online Plagiarism Checker for Students. Check your Paper and get a Report with Plagiarism Percentage. ✅ Free Usage ⌛Quick Results ☝️ High Quality.

11. Quetext's plagiarism checker

Quetext offers deep search technology for plagiarism detection and writing assistance, featuring contextual analysis and smart algorithms. The software combines speed with accuracy and prioritizes user privacy.


  • Deep Search Technology for plagiarism detection
  • Writing assistance
  • Contextual analysis
  • Smart algorithms
  • Speed and accuracy
  • Privacy prioritization
  • AI detection
  • Resolving writing issues
  • Citation building
  • Lightspeed recognition
  • Annotations Tools
  • Bulk Uploads
  • Source Exclusion
  • Enhanced Citation Generator
  • Grammar & Spell Check
  • Rich & Intuitive Feedback for students
  • ColorGrade™ Feedback
  • Interactive Snippet Text
  • Comprehensive Plagiarism Score

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