The team behind is a group of professional physicians, computer scientists and engineers. That's why we are capable of providing many services in different working sectors.

Here's a list of what we can provide.

Content Writing

We have a collective experience of 15 years in technical writing. And unlike other bloggers who are in this market, all of us have high-level university degrees in related fields, besides tons of software development projects that we worked on for many years.

That's why working with us on content writing could be a better idea than giving someone $50 on Fiverr to do a useless post.

When we write content, we do not think of it as a randomly thrown set of articles. Instead, we design the hierarchy of the overall content, how we are going to deliver real value out of those articles and what possible business selling points there could be to use inside the content itself.

We've worked before with many companies and software development organizations to write content that could bring them leads. We can email you some samples of our portfolio if you are interested.

Reviewing Products & Services

On, it is possible to feature your product or service for our readers for a small fee per post. We are currently ranking at #100,000 in Alexa ranking and receive a quarter million visits per month.

That's why you may want to use our platform to deliver exposure to your service.

Localization into the MENA Region

If you are representing a company willing to expand its business into MENA region, then we could help you in various ways:

  • Publishing new content or translating already existing content into the Arabic language.
  • Translating the user interface of your product into the Arabic language.
  • Converting the user interface of your product from LTR to RTL.
  • Providing resources on useful online Arabic communities where you could ┬ámarket for your product.
  • Running Facebook ad campaigns to market for your product in the MENA region.
  • Checking for possible competitors for your company in the MENA region, or preparing reports on how much needed your product could be there and ways to enter the MENA region. (Consultation).


We provide consultation in the following area of expertise:

  • Possible proprietary/open source solutions to use for any use case.
  • Solution and Software comparison.
  • Technical comparison
  • The effectiveness of your company's expansion into the MENA region.
  • Preparing your health care infrastructure.
  • Linux desktop possible usage and functionalities.

For more information about any of these services, please email us at the following address: