The IT field is one of the most promising today. There are thousands of opportunities for successful graduates to develop professionally and build impressive careers. However, those paths may not look so clear to a soon-to-be student who only chooses the right major.

Obviously, this decision is not an easy one for many people. It’s just like finding an essay writer for them to help writing essay — later, you may not have time or another opportunity to reconsider your choice. Some people find it hard to associate themselves with any existing position, let alone guess about the future professions.

For that reason, we’ve listed several promising majors in IT and analyzed the opportunities they offer.

Here is what we’ve come up with:

● Computer & IT Security

● IT Management

● Computer Systems Networking

● Network Management

● Software Engineering

● Database Administration

● Game Design

● Video Game Programming

● Web Development

● Computer Programming

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Computer & IT Security

With the growth of cyber-attacks, the matter of cybersecurity is on the rise. Many companies look for professionals who can detect potential insecurities and gaps before they can become something that compromises the entire system. With that in mind, these organizations are desperately hunting talented hackers willing to work on the white side, preventing attacks and data leakages.

If cybersecurity and hacking are of interest to you, consider choosing this major. Firstly, this field will never lose its demand. Secondly, you’ll have a pool of choices where to build your career. Thirdly, this occupation won’t only pay your bills but also bring you overall satisfaction.

IT Management

IT has grown into a field where managerial professionals are needed to ensure stability. If you feel that you are interested in technologies and have enough leadership and management skills, then go try yourself in this major.

You’ll be leading departments with top-notch professionals working on solutions for entire organizations. Moreover, you’ll be setting the agenda for teams and departments, as well as supervising project completion and service delivery.

Computer Systems Networking

Surprisingly, little attention is now dedicated to promoting networking and system administration professions. Yet, this IT area is one of the key ones. It enables the operation of large and geographically dispersed organizations in a single environment.

As long as telecommunications play an important part in the company’s performance and growth, this field will keep being in high demand. Positions offered to network engineering and system administration graduates are always rewarding and promise substantial career growth.

Network Management

Constructing networks is no longer enough to ensure their successful operation and functionality. The industry needs professionals who’d be able to manage and oversee several networks, plan and implement changes as well as consider and prepare for network upgrades.

If you are open to such responsibility, a network management major may be of interest to you. Consider choosing it as it’s going to be among the most top-paying professions in the future.

Software Engineering

Great software engineers are needed by all IT companies in every country. These people develop software and apps that:

● facilitate internal processes;

● speed up business performance;

● automate manual operations;

● help customers navigate through product offerings.

You don’t have to worry about employment after graduation. Software engineers are in high demand, and the salaries they get are beyond competitive.

Database Administration

Since the world is producing more and more data, there is a growing need to organize and store it properly. To achieve that, companies hire data administrators - experts in entering data, processing it, and making all other manipulations. At the same time, they are held responsible for data safety and order.

If you have organizing skills and are interested in growing in the IT field, data administration might be the right direction for you. However, be ready: even if you’re required to do lots of programming to construct databases, there is a chance you will still require the help of to manage your studies. It’s not always possible to get rid of the need to write essays.

Game Design

Those passionate about video games may consider joining the game design field. You are not supposed to program the game of yours, but you get to design the one. For many people, creating their own universe and protagonists is something they’ve wanted to do since childhood.

Video Game Programming

Yet, if game design is not your cup of tea, video game programming is also studied in universities and colleges today. You can work shoulder-to-shoulder with a designer to create a game of your dreams by literally programming characters to look and act the way they do.

Such employment promises high salaries if your game is well-received by the audience. Moreover, this path never gets outdated and boring.

Web Development

Web developers are people involved in creating content for websites. There are many web constructors today which people can use without having coding skills. However, there are people behind those themes, plugins, and other tricks who make website building so much easier. If you want to join this cohort, consider a web development major. It’s one of the most promising ones now.

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Computer Programming

The need to create and test computer programs has grown recently. People with excellent coding skills do not necessarily have diplomas. However, with a formal degree and some certifications, it’s always easier to secure a job. That’s why if you have a talent in coding, consider joining a computer programming major in one of the colleges on your radar.


However hard it can be to choose a major with promising prospects for your career, research the job positions you would like to have. The requirements listed in real vacancies may give you a clearer picture of the responsibilities you will have and, thus, help to make the final decision.