12 Open Source Libraries to Build Telegram Bots

12 Open Source Libraries to Build Telegram Bots
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Telegram bots are special accounts that automatically handle messages. Users can interact with bots by sending commands in private or group chats. They are useful tools for many people around the world, offering an interface to communicate with customers and manage Telegram channels.

Developers can create highly customizable Telegram bots that can perform a wide range of functions. For example, many users can now access ChatGPT in their restricted countries thanks to the availability of many Telegram bots.

Here's another real-life example: you can try out the best open-source Telegram bots that are free for anyone to use.

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Compared to other messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Signal, and similar apps, Telegram's bot API and UI are superior. Anyone can create a bot simply by using the Bot Father bot, which provides full control over the user's created bots.

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In this post, we present the best open-source libraries and tools for building feature-rich Telegram bots that can be customized to suit your needs.

1. grammY (Node.js & Dino)

grammY is a free open-source Node.js Telegram Bot framework for building a highly customizable, scalable, and command-rich bots.

grammY also offers a custom version for Deno, a customized open-source Node.js alternative.

2.  Python Telegram Bot

The Python Telegram Bot library is a simple yet powerful Python library for building real-time responsive Telegram bots with full concurrency support.

3.  Slimbot (Node.js)

Slimbot is a Node.js package for building quick responsive and command-rich Telegram bots. It supports internal keyboards, commands, files and more. Updated for Telegram Bot API 5.1. Works with Node 15.12.0. Runs on latest Node version.

4. telegraf.js (JavaScript)

Telegraf is a library that simplifies the development of Telegram bots using JavaScript or TypeScript. It supports Telegram Bot API 6.5. It supports http/https/fastify/Connect.js/express.js webhooks.

5. teloxide (Rust)

Teloxide is a framework that lets you build Telegram bots using Rust, while taking care of the difficult parts, so you can focus on your business logic.

6. Telegram.Bot (.NET)

Telegram.Bot is the most popular .NET client for building bots on Telegram. The Bot API is an HTTP interface for developers interested in creating bots on Telegram.

The library comes with a rich developer-friendly documentation, that include several how-to tutorials, and many tips.

7- Telegram Bot Java Library

This is a pure Java library that interfaces with Telegram Bot API. It has been developed by dozens of contributors and comes with various useful examples. These examples include how to send files, upload files, use inline keyboards and queries, create custom keyboards, and implement a webhook.

8- CARAPAX (Rust)

This one is a Rust library to build simple Telegram bots. It is based on TGBOT, the first and most popular Rust Telegram bot.

9- Pyrogram (Python)

Pyrogram is an elegant and modern Python framework for interacting with the Telegram API using Python, for both users and bots. It allows easy interaction with the main Telegram API through a user account or bot identity.

10- Zincite (Java)

Zincite is a framework for building Telegram bots in Java. It provides a powerful and modular solution for creating Telegram bots.

11- opsdroid (Python)

opsdroid is a Python-based open-source chatbot framework that is easy to use, flexible, and scalable. It takes events from chat services and other sources and executes a wide range of Python functions (skills) based on their contents.

These functions can be simple conversational responses or complex tasks. The project's real strength is its ability to act as a glue library that brings together a variety of natural language APIs, chat services, and third-party APIs.

12- TDLight (Java)

TDLight is a comprehensive Telegram bot and user bot library written in Java. It is based on TDLib.

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