7 Open-source solutions to build eCommerce system with Vue

Vue is a popular JavaScript framework for building frontend web apps. It is proven to be a reliable, production-ready, and development environment for enterprises.

Vue framework community enriches it every day with reusable open-source components for almost everything.

If you are looking for an eCommerce headless system to build a personalized web/ mobile shopping experience, we recommend checking out our open-source eCommerce headless list.

In this article, we explore the open-source options to build an eCommerce personalize shopping experience with Vue.

1- Vue Storefront

Vue Storefront  is a free open-source front-end shop solution for headless eCommerce systems. It was implemented more than 500 times worldwide and proven to be the right choice for Business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) eCommerce systems.

Vue Storefront offers a built-in  Progressive Web Application (PWA) and mobile support. Furthermore, it comes with highly customizable components, and SEO routing/ pages.

License: MIT license.

2- Storefront UI

Storefront UI is a Vue-based rich component library for building mobile and offline-first shopping experiences.

It comes with highly customizable components which can be adjusted through different levels.

Storefront UI  is based on atomic design and Google's UX playbook.

License: MIT license.

3- Veniqa

If you are looking for a full-stack Vue eCommerce system over a complete backend system, then Veniqa is your answer.

Veniqa uses MEVN stack which includes MongoDB, Express.js, Vue, Node.js, Mongoose ORM, Redis, and uses Stripe for payment.

4- Vuemmerce

If you plan on using Nuxt.js, which is a popular Vue framework, we highly recommend checking Vuemmerce.

Vuemmerce is a free responsive eCommerce template that uses Vue and Nuxt.js. It comes with ready infrastructure, routes, SEO-ready meta-tags, and PWA setup.

Vuemmerce uses the Bulma CSS framework for design.

5- Hubaga

Hubaga is an open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It is lightweight, easy to use, customize and scale.

It features a complete WordPress admin integration, shopping cart management, informative dashboard, and developer-friendly API and documentation.

6- bagisto

The bagisto is a full-stack eCommerce solution built on top of the Laravel eCommerce framework and leverages Vue.js as a progressive JavaScript framework.

If you are looking for a completely customizable solution with Vue, then bagisto is your answer. It features a rich admin dashboard, multiple channels, local and currencies support, custom fields and attributes, multi-store setup, and CMS pages with full SEO support.

7- Aimeos

Aimeos is an open-source web-based e-shop system that uses Laravel, Vue with Aimeos eCommerce framework.

Aimeos eCommerce features include multi-tenant, SaaS support, multi-channels, and multi-store setup, REST-API, extensions, configurable product set, 100+ payment gateways, SEO support, and RTL support.

Furthermore, Aimeos is translated to more than 30 languages and offers a built-in AI-based text translation.

In the end

Here, we listed the best open-source Vue-based eCommerce solution for developers. However, Vue has a large community, so we expect more similar projects in shortly, so keep tuned for new updates to this page.

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