17 Top YouTube Channels to learn Flutter development for beginners and experts

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a trending open-source UI software development kit for building cross-platform apps for mobile, desktop, and the web.

It is originally developed by Google to help developers use a single codebase for building multiplatform apps. Flutter is released under the new BSD license, and it is written in Dart, C, and C++ languages.

In the past few months, I was working on a couple of Flutter projects, and like everything new I jump into, I collect all available resources and mark my educational steps from the first week.

So, this article is my 3rd collection which covers the best YouTube educational sources for Flutter.

1- Flutter.dev Channel

Flutter.dev is the official YouTube channel for the Flutter core development team where they share the best practices for Flutter SDK.

It also includes real code examples, tips, and tricks. Furthermore, It has a rich set of videos to get you started with widgets. The channel contains several playlists, and by far the coolest ones are Flutter Package of the Week and Flutter Widget of the Week.

2- The Flutter Way

The Flutter Way is a super-rich Flutter channel full of code examples, tutorials, and impressive apps with unique UI that the author developed. You will never feel bored watching these videos and applying tutorials as each one has new tricks.

3- The Net Ninja Flutter Course

Well, The Net Ninja is not a Flutter dedicated channel as it focuses on dozen of other technologies like JavaScript. However, is Flutter playlist: Flutter Tutorial for Beginners is one of the best YouTube playlists for anyone who wants to start learning Flutter.

4- FlutterMapp

The FlutterMapp channel is a year-old channel for Flutter developers that is progressing fast with each new batch of videos they release.

They release a new video every Thursday, that helps Flutter developers improve their skills through practice.

The channel contains several playlists which focus on newcomers, beginners, building app clones, many user interface tutorials, tips, and a special playlist to integrate Flutter with Google Firebase.

5- Flutter Explained

With more than 20k subscribers, the Flutter Explained channel has a great video collection with custom tips that are hard to find anywhere else. Although The channel does not publish frequently like the others, it is worth being in a spot on this list.

6- Flutter Ship

The Flutter Ship channel does not have either a rich subscriber base or many videos, but It has many cool how-tos and cool tutorials.

7- Learn Flutter

Despite this channel being a fairly new channel, The authors publish frequently, and they add dozens of cool UI tricks, and Dart programming languages advanced tutorials.

The "Learn Flutter channel" is ideal for beginners, intermediate, and advanced Flutter developers.

8- Code with Andrea

Code With Andrea channel has close to 35k subscribers, rich playlists, and dozens of videos and tutorials. In this channel, you can find a rich set of Dart programming language tutorials, Flutter animation tutorials, Flutter/ Firebase tips and tricks, and the most important sets are Flutter State management and Flutter Layout.

I highly recommend this channel for beginners, because Andrea has a systematic method of explaining and teaching.

9- DBestTech

The DBestech is a channel dedicated to Flutter alongside Laravel and React Native. It has > 30k subscribers and offers organized playlists.

The flutter tutorials are organized in playlists and focus on very specific topics with detailed video tutorials. Furthermore, the channel also contains new tutorials about the Go programming language.

10- Tech With Tim; Flutter Playlist

This is the Flutter playlist of a large rich YouTube channel called "Tech With Tim". The Playlist contains 11 videos that are essential for beginners and newcomers.

It may not look enough, but it will give a clear pathway, especially on how to create and run your Flutter/ Firebase integration. The "Tech with Tim" channel has dozens of other interesting topics and it is worth following.

11- The Flutter Guide

The Flutter Guide may not be a rich channel, but it includes many interesting tips and tricks that come for an experienced Flutter developer. One of my best tutorials there is "Custom Carousel in Flutter" which displays a neat UI trick.

12- Fun with Flutter

Fun with Flutter is a Flutter-specific channel with a rich topic set. The authors focus on introducing several Flutter technologies in less than 10 mins videos.

I highly recommend keeping this channel on your watch list and checking the new topics. For beginners, I recommend the Flutter Layout basic tutorial, animation tutorials, Flutter Provider tutorial, and Firebase integration and auth tutorials.

13- Flutter UI Dev

The Flutter UI Dev channel has a limited selection of Flutter tutorials, some of them are short videos, others are close to 30 mins videos for creating application UI from scratch.

14- Flutter Widget

The Flutter Widget channel is as the name suggests, a YouTube channel dedicated to explaining Flutter Widgets as Wrap, Form widgets, Opacity Widget, Stack and Positioned widget, the GridTile, and more.

15- Flutter Without Words

Yet another new Flutter tutorial channel, however, it comes with unique hacks and tricks.

16- Flutter Mentor

The Flutter Mentor channel has close to 3k subscribers and focuses on Flutter user-interface building tutorials, and Flutter Firebase integration.

The channel's tutorials are mainly few minutes videos that aim at new developers. Nevertheless, the Flutter Mentor channel also contains several UI hacks and several app ideas for anyone who wants to learn Flutter quickly.

17- FreeCodeCamp Flutter courses

This is not a channel, it is a 1:45 minute crash course video tutorial for beginners provided from FreeCodeCamp.org.The FreeCodeCamp.org channel has also released another 2:35 minutes video tutorial dedicated to Flutter Essentials.

If you know of any other YouTube channel that we missed, let us know in the comments or a message.

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