5 Easy Motivation Tips for Students

5 Easy Motivation Tips for Students
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Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah — what do all these people have in common? They are all mostly successful in their fields. All of them have a network of fans, followers, and students who dream of becoming a bit as motivated and productive as their role models. But the vast majority of them fail. Why? Because they choose to look for inspiration rather than to work hard.

Remember, motivation is not about being inspired; it is about consistency. So, do not struggle to find a muse; try creating rules and routines that will help you trick your brain into working.

To help you start, we have gathered the top five tips for you to become more motivated and productive.

Motivation Tip #1: Practice Delegating

Some people imagine a serious businessman with ten assistants responsible for his schedule when they hear the word "delegating." But we assure you - you can delegate your tasks when you are a student, too. It is not about your status; it is about your limited time and your need to perform specific tasks on time.

For instance, if you do not have enough time to carry out a written assignment, let's say an essay. You could probably pull off an all-nighter and hand in a low-quality piece. Or, you can delegate this task and pay for essay writing or pay for an essay review by an expert from EssayWritingService, a platform where you can purchase quality papers written by professionals. So, choose wisely.

Delegating is critical for motivation because the tasks you do not find exciting consume your energy. Thus, you have less capacity to perform well and need to motivate yourself even harder. In other words, if you delegate tasks that are not your top priority, you don't need to persuade and motivate yourself to do something meaningful.

Motivation Tip #2: Beat Procrastination by Dividing Tasks into Smaller Units

“I will do it… Tomorrow! Or on Monday. Or next month. But I will surely do it.” Have you ever said such things to yourself? We bet you did. And we did. Procrastination is a serious obstacle on the road to motivation.

It is very tempting to postpone your tasks for better times. However, you should give up procrastinating if you want to be successful in your work or studies. Yeah, easier said than done. But no worries, we are here to help you.

The solution to this problem is relatively simple. If your task is complex, and you don't understand it — divide it into parts you understand.

For instance, if you need to write a research paper, it is a good idea to come up with a clear structure first, then move on to writing a thesis statement, perhaps also read some paper writing guides online. Think about how many chapters you should include, what information should be there, and so on.

However, if the task still feels like something you can't handle, return to the motivation tip #1 and delegate your assignment to the best essay writing service you can find.

Furthermore, do not start from the most challenging part of your task — it can demotivate you. Instead, opt for working on the part you are more or less familiar with. When it comes to a research paper, it can be the introduction which you can later edit.

Motivation Tip #3: Estimate the Time You Need for Specific Tasks Realistically

We all tend to be very optimistic about the time we have on our hands and think that a particular task will take way less time than it actually requires. However, to motivate yourself to start early, it is critical to make realistic estimates.

Some time-management gurus claim that you need to estimate twice as much time for a certain task as you initially plan. For instance, if you think that the task will take an hour to fulfill, prepare at least a two-hour time sloth for it.

Motivation Tip #4: Take Your Time to Sleep and Relax

We have already mentioned that we all have limited cognitive capacity. So, if you plan to write a research paper overnight — you will probably fail.

You can, however, influence the amount of energy your brain can use. The most critical aspect of it is getting enough rest and sleep.

Do not exhaust your body and brain, pulling off all-nighters or sleeping four hours per day for a month. Your body will surely take its toll, and the consequences can be terrible for your health.

So, sleep well, eat healthy, and work out — and your body will thank you for being healthy and full of energy.

Motivation Tip #5: You Do Not Necessarily Need Motivation to Perform Well

Most people confuse the need for motivation with the need for consistency. Let's say you have an important goal: to run a marathon. This task is complex, intense, and intimidating, so you will most probably skip it. It is not a lack of motivation; in this case, it is rather a wrong goal.

Now imagine that your goal is to have two workouts per week. Sounds manageable, right? That is precisely what you need — smaller goals that can nevertheless lead you to your objective.

So, do not overestimate the role of motivation — just set reasonable goals and make small steps towards them.

Wrapping Up

Now, you need to identify the one thing to do. It can be anything: choosing the tasks you can delegate, dividing your tasks into small units, or something else.

The key is to start and continue doing this routine for at least a few weeks. Then, it will become your second nature. Good luck!

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