There are several ways for remote developers to collaborate in real time. According to recent survey studies, nearly 75% of employees feel collaboration has suffered since transitioning to remote work environments. Indeed, many development companies have experienced a loss in teamwork and cooperation as the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed them into remote spaces. In fact, many enterprises have been forced to delay major project launches as a result. As a development team manager, you need to implement the right collaboration tools to work remotely. This way, your company can release its software and applications on time for your clients. Read on to learn about the best ways for remote developers to collaborate in real time.

Cloud-Based Development Platforms

First, cloud-based collaboration platforms are one of the most effective solutions to maintain productivity on your team. With these tools, your team can securely store their code in the cloud. Many platforms even offer free hosting in public and private repositories as well. Some development platforms also offer pull request features throughout your entire workflow. This way, your team can easily discuss their programs, tackle bugs, and build new features throughout the code review process. Moreover, many software systems use a clear system to mark when projects are approved and passed testing. Then, you can release your deployments efficiently with confidence in your team's process. Definitely, cloud computing development platforms are one of the most valuable collaboration tools for remote software engineering teams.

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Stream Processing Software

Next, stream processing software is another great collaborative tool to improve remote development efficiency. With this software, continuous data streams utilize different machines, allowing for parallel computing. Importantly, many development teams use this big data technology to query their continuous data stream and detect conditions quickly. In addition, it is a great tool for unified applications and analytics processes. By being built on similar architecture, stream processing frameworks also simplify the infrastructure for your open-source projects. This can help your team build solutions that efficiently utilize analytics data. Leveraging this software, you can harness the best frameworks and libraries for building applications. Certainly, stream processing software is a great resource to improve remote development efficiency for your team.

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Video Conferencing Software

In addition, video conferencing software is another essential tool to improve collaboration on your remote development team. Of course, there are many options to choose from. Thus, it's important to identify your company needs. For example, if your development team struggles to communicate with only video and audio, look for a solution with an integrated chat.

Many software systems also have screen sharing features, allowing your team to help one another on the same screen. According to this , you should compare video conferencing software based on collaboration features, call size and industry use cases. Conduct research before making your resource investment. Absolutely, video conferencing software is essential to improving remote collaboration.

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File Sharing System

Moreover, a file sharing system is a key tool for your team to store, share, and edit documents in the cloud. Unlike downloadable document suites, file sharing allows your employees to work together on reports, spreadsheets, and presentations in real-time. This way, you don't have to waste time sending documents back and forth to one another. Most file sharing systems include basic word-processor, spreadsheet, and presentation software. Some allow for easy file type conversion as well, allowing you to send documents as an attachment when needed. Some open-source cloud file sharing systems also allow you to upload photos and videos as well. This can be a great tool to train your new employees. Undoubtedly, a reliable file sharing system can improve document collaboration as you work remotely.

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Business Communications Platforms

Furthermore, business communication platforms also offer solutions to streamline your remote messaging. For example, many communication platforms have central chat channels, so you can easily distribute messages to your entire team. Some communication platforms also have a business to business feature, so you can set up communication channels with your clients and partners as well.

Some communication platforms also utilize workflow builders. With these tools, you can automate processes and communications. This can free up you and your employees' time to complete other tasks. Surely, platforms are key tools to improve remote collaboration on your development team.

There are several best open-source collaboration tools for remote developers. First, cloud-based development platforms are great resources to streamline the code review process.

Next, stream processing software can help your team improve efficiency through parallel computing.

In addition, video conferencing software solutions are essential for any remote team. Moreover, implement a file sharing system, so your team can work on documents together in real-time.

Lastly, business communication platforms are critical for clear, efficient messaging with your team. Install these best open-source collaboration tools for your remote development team.