7 Student-Friendly Video Editing Apps

Video editing is no longer a hectic task. With the different types of editing apps available today, you can create top-quality videos with a few clicks.

So, without further ado, let us introduce you to some of the best video editing apps that are student and budget-friendly.

Wondershare Filmii

Filmii positions itself as a video studio rather than an editing tool. It comes with several templates that you can use to edit your videos in no time. Moreover, you can easily add titles or text which are fully customizable.

Filmii also has a variety of stylized filters and overlays that can make your video pop up. If those were not enough, you could even add animations and plenty of different transitions to tie everything together. Clearly, it takes out the hard part of editing. However, for students, Wondershare can turn out to be a time-saver, rather than having to spend hours editing videos to perfection.

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Wondershare Filmora

If you want to take a more professional approach to editing, Wondershare also offers a Filmora app, which is a more high-level choice to consider. This program is used by thousands of gamers and professional video creators. It comes with some powerful features, including visual effects, transactions, and an in-built music library with hundreds of choices,

However, these are easy to integrate into your video. However, Fillmore is available as a desktop app for both Mac and Windows. It also allows you to export your edited videos to YouTube pr Video directly. Although Filmora comes with a variety of professional tools, it's still beginner-friendly. It is also free to use, but if you need access to the full set of features, you can get a yearly license for $50.


InVideo is an online video editor, meaning you can just use the Invideo website to access its features as there is no download required. It gives you access to over 5,000 templates, a music library, filter transitions, and much more.

InVideo can be particularly useful for students running their own businesses. It lets you create brand kits and even collaborate with others. On top of this, InVideo also presents you with reports and analytics for KPI for social media reach and impressions. This can be a valuable tool for those looking to create engagement using videos for their brand.

And since InVideo is online, you can also access customer care easily. The team is available via 24/7 live chat, email, or phone. InVideo has free, monthly, and yearly plans that you can choose based on your needs.


For students who have a high budget, EaseUS can make it worth your money. It is a video app that can be downloaded to your PC. Whether you are using it for your art course or as a professional video maker, EaseUS gives you access to advanced features, which you can use without technical expertise.

It comes with 50+ visual effects and transitions that permit you to add filters, overlays, and text. You can also fine-tune elements such as the speed of the video or mix multiple audio tracks. You can also record your own narration without having to close the app. You can also export it to mobile devices.

The app is available for a free trial, but the features would be limited. However, the Pro plan is only around $18 a month, which unlocks all features and lets you export your videos without a watermark.

Photo by Libby Penner on Unsplash

Stop Motion

If you are a graphic designer who uses animation in your work, Stop Motion can be an ideal fit for your toolset. This app makes it easy for you to create professional stop motion animation. You can work with professional cameras directly using the tool. It gives you full control of the camera from within the app.

For video editing, its frame-by-frame video shows the images you captured in chronological order. You can zoom in and out of timelines and add audio clips, titles, credits, and other filter effects. Stop Motion also comes with a drawing tool and even lets you add facial expressions to inanimate objects.

The only challenge is that the output files could be of large size, and you might have to compress them if you want to upload your videos on social media. Stop Motion is available for purchase at $5 for mobiles and $10 for PCs.

Magix Movie Edit Pro

Magix Movie is one of the older players in the video editing space. It was launched in the American and European markets in 1997 and has managed to evolve over time to meet the changing needs of video makers. And no matter whether you are a web designer, YouTuber, or cinematographer, Magix Movie can be a handy tool.

It features a detailed frame-by-frame timeline and Storyboard mode, which allows you to easily customize the size and positioning of your workspace. It also comes with diverse editing tools that you can activate using keyboard buttons. It also supports image stabilization, color correction, and automatic shot match.

Magix Movie has a large library of over one million content items. This includes stock photos, soundtracks, and animation. What's more, you can even create animated travel routes and layer marks or take advantage of dynamic slow or fast motion.

As you can imagine, all these bells and whistles do not come for free, except for a free trial. Magix Movie comes in three packages - platinum, Movie Studio, and Suite, and the price varies between $2.99, $3.99, and $4.99, respectively.


Powtoon is marketed as a video editing tool for businesses and organizations. This is because it also lets you create presentations. So, why can't PowToon be a perfect match for students if you can use it both for academic and personal purposes?

It lets you create short videos and animations and make screen recordings from within the tool. Moreover, it also comes with a long array of templates - for education, resume, YouTube, Instagram, presentation, and plenty more. You can also include video versions of Whiteboard doodling of hand-drawn characters.

The platform makes it not only easy to create videos but also to distribute them on social media. As a full-fledged platform, it also comes with a resource center and customer care department. However, the price of PowToon is at the high end. If you choose a monthly plan, the Pro version can cut you back $80 a month, which will be cheaper with an annual plan.


Editing tools can make it easier for you to develop high-quality videos. As you can see, there are plenty of top-notch apps available in the market - across all shapes and sizes. When you combine these with proper video editing skills, you can create stunning visuals of high quality.

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