Activepieces: An Open Source No-code Automation Tool, Alternative to Zapier and IFTTT

Activepieces: An Open Source No-code Automation Tool, Alternative to Zapier and IFTTT

Companies and freelancers often need to automate certain regular

Activepieces is a free web-based automation solution that allows you to automate almost anything without the need to code. Moreover, as a self-hosted system on your own server without any extra cost, which is an ideal solution for freelancers, web, and marketing agencies small and medium size companies.

Beside its easy installation process that supports Docker, Activepieces offers a drag-and-drop interface to create a customizable workflow for citizen developers, marketeers, and web agency admins.

Furthermore, Developers can extend the system by installing any NPM package and include it in their workflow, such as include text summarizing features, adding new web service, text mining, and email marketing.


  1. Simple user interface.
  2. Easy installation using Docker.
  3. Create unlimited workflows.
  4. No-code workflow: create unlimited flow with just drag-and-drop.
  5. Easy control your workflow: run, pause, schedule, clone
  6. Tasks logs: Keep track of your running tasks and flows.
  7. Includes 28 apps.
  8. Supports dozens of open source connectors
  9. Developer-friendly documentation

Use cases

1- Email Marketing

Activepieces helps you to automate your email marketing by allowing you to make dozens of creative conditional workflows with services as Mailchimp. You can also include other services as you want.

2- Bloggers

If you are a blogger, you certainly use some task automated service to manage your boring automated tasks, in we created our own. However, we found everything we needed with Activepieces, such auto publishing new posts, schedule social media publishing, and more.

3- Web agency: Developer-Client Communication

Activepieces allows web agencies to create customized workflow that integrate developers and customers with solutions like Slack, Box, Notions, Asana, Zoom, Google services, and Telegram.

4- Payment automation

Currently, the app supports Stripe payment only, however developers can include any other payment service on their private self-hosted setup as their workflows require.


Currently, Activepieces comes packed with dozens of useful popular apps, that are used by web agencies, freelancers, enterprises.

You can view the built-in apps in the following list:

  1. Google Drive: Document, and photo storage with collaborative features, sharing options and vast ecosystem.
  2. Google Calendar: Free cloud-based calendar solution.
  3. Dropbox: File and document sharing.
  4. File and document sharing.
  5. Zoom: Cloud-based video conference and calling platform.
  6. Typeform: Survey and form creation and management platform
  7. Stripe: payment gateway (That does not work in many countries)
  8. Telegram: a free semi open-source chat and messaging platform
  9. Slack: collaborative and messaging platform for teams
  10. Todoist: free project and task management system
  11. OpenAI: free cloud-based AI platform for developers, enterprise, and startup
  12. MailChimp: An email marketing platform
  13. Gmail: cloud mailing service by Google
  14. GitHub: cloud source code version control for freelancers, developers, enterprise, and web agencies
  15. Asana: Enterprise-grade project management system
  16. Google Sheets: a cloud-based collaborative spreadsheets service by Google
  17. Airtable: A collaborative business-grade data-sheet service.

The downside

  1. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is not yet included
  2. Small community
  3. Small documentation

Tech stack

Activepieces is created using Node.js and several open-source libraries that include:

  1. Angular
  2. FontAwesome
  3. Lodash
  4. CodeMirror

It uses PostgreSQL database in the backend.


The project is released under the MIT open-source license.


  1. Source code
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