ADAMANT is a decentralized anonymous messenger built on blockchain technology, ensuring privacy and user control. It operates independently and doesn't require personal information. Messages are encrypted and signed for integrity. The messenger includes built-in crypto wallets and can be accessed through the website or standalone apps. It also features a crypto exchanger and an AI chat assistant.

The ADAMANT blockchain system is owned by its users. No one has the power to control, block, deactivate, restrict, or censor accounts. Users have full responsibility for their content, messages, media, and intentions when using the messenger.

Privacy is the core principle of ADAMANT. It doesn't require phone numbers or emails. The app doesn't access your contact list or geolocation data. Your IP address remains hidden from other users, and those concerned with privacy can utilize the Tor app.

All messages sent through ADAMANT are encrypted using the Diffie-Hellman Curve25519, Salsa20, and Poly1305 algorithms. They are also signed by SHA-256 + Ed25519 EdDSA. Private keys are never shared with the network. The blockchain ensures the integrity and authenticity of the message sequence.

ADAMANT includes built-in crypto wallets for ADAMANT (ADM), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Lisk (LSK), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Dash (DASH). The private keys for these wallets are derived from an ADAMANT passphrase. You can export the keys and use them in other wallets.

You can access this application at or download standalone apps for macOS, Windows, and Linux from here. Feel empowered to run your own messenger using this code and Build Setup.

ADAMANT Messenger also features a built-in crypto Exchanger and Adelina, an AI chat assistant powered by ChatGPT.


  • GPL-3.o License


GitHub - Adamant-im/adamant-im: ADAMANT Decentralized Messenger. Progressive Web Application (PWA)
ADAMANT Decentralized Messenger. Progressive Web Application (PWA) - GitHub - Adamant-im/adamant-im: ADAMANT Decentralized Messenger. Progressive Web Application (PWA)
ADAMANT Messenger