Agile UI - Low-code PHP Framework

Agile UI - Low-code PHP Framework
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Agile Toolkit is a Low Code framework written in PHP. Agile UI implement server side rendering engine and over 50 UI generic components for interacting with your Data Model.

It works with SQL, NoSQL database or with REST-API.

Agile UI is the quickest way for building back-end UI, admin interfaces, data management systems for medium and large projects designed around roles, complex logic, formulas.

It is an ideal solution to build web apps quickly, internal tools, dashboards, surveys, CRM solutions, and demos.

Agile UI developers offers also several add-ons nd integration with some services, and solutions such as Laravel framework, WordPress, Filestore, and more.


  • Multistep wizard with ability to navigate forward and backward
  • Form with validation
  • Data memorization in the session
  • Table with column formatter, Messages
  • Real-time output console
  • 10+ Components (CRUD, Grid, Form, Menu, Paginator and many more)
  • 2 HTML Layouts (Admin layout, Centered layout)
  • 5+ Automated Form Field types (Calendar, Money, Drop-downs)
  • Agile UI relies on abstract data. It could be stored in SQL, NoSQL or in external API.
  • Agile UI adjusts to your data model. If you change your model structure, UI will reflect that.
  • Agile UI offers out-of-the-box components, you don't need front-end development experience.
  • Agile UI is interactive, making it very easy to trigger PHP code on JS events.
  • Agile UI is compact - single file, several lines of code - that's all it takes.
  • Agile UI is extensible - integrates VueJS for custom components and interactive behaviors.
  • Rich documentation

Agile Data Framework

Designed for medium to large PHP applications and frameworks, Agile Data is a modern implementation of Data Persistence Mapper that will:

  • Make your application really database-agnostic. SQL? NoSQL? RestAPI? Cache? Load and store your data with any of these, without refactoring your code.
  • Execute more on the server. Agile Data converts query logic into server-specific language (e.g. SQL) then delivers you the exact data rows / columns which you need from a single statement, no matter how complex.
  • Data architecture transparency. As your database structure change, your application code does not need to be refactored. Replace fields with expressions, denormalize/normalize data, join and merge tables. Only update your application in a single place.
  • Extensions. "Audit" - transparently record all edits, updates and deletes with "Undo" support. "Reports" - add conditions, group results, union results then group them again, join add limit for a great report design.
  • Out of the box UI. Who wants to build Admin systems today? Tens of professional components: CRUD, Grid, Form as well as add-ons like Charts can be added to your PHP app with 3-lines of code.
  • RestAPI server for Agile Data is currently under development.
  • Agile Data and all extensions mentioned above are licensed under MIT and are free to use.


Agile UI, Data and API are projects we develop in our free time and offer you free of charge under terms of MIT license. If you wish to say thanks to our core team or take part in the project, please contact us through our chat on Gitter.


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