Aliza MS is a Free and Open-source DICOM Viewer for Linux and FreeBSD

Aliza MS is a Free and Open-source DICOM Viewer for Linux and FreeBSD

Aliza MS is a remarkable, free and open-source DICOM viewer that is highly beneficial for those in the healthcare industry, particularly radiologists. This intuitive software is packed with dozens of features designed to streamline the viewing and analysis process.

It provides radiologists with advanced viewing tools and options, empowering them to better interpret and understand medical imaging data.

More than just a DICOM viewer, Aliza MS represents a significant contribution to the open-source medical imaging community, offering a comprehensive solution that caters to the needs of healthcare professionals.


  • 2D and 3D views with many tools
  • 3D view also for non-uniform images
  • Volume Rendering
  • Multi-planar reconstruction (MPR)
  • Fast directory scanner, DICOMDIR
  • Consistently de-identify DICOM, maintain integrity
  • RTSTRUCT contours
  • DICOM Study multi-view with intersection lines and side-by-side view
  • Proper measurement in Ultrasound Calibrated Regions
  • 2D+t and 3D+t animations
  • DICOM metadata viewer, DICOM 2023e dictionary
  • Encapsulated transfer syntaxes incl. HTJ2K
  • Most IODs are supported incl. Structured Reports, Key Objects Selection, Grayscale Softcopy Presentation State


GPL-3.0 License


  • FreeBSD
  • Linux
    • Flathub
    • Debian
    • CentOS and RedHat
    • Fedora

Resources & Downloads

GitHub - AlizaMedicalImaging/AlizaMS: DICOM Viewer
DICOM Viewer. Contribute to AlizaMedicalImaging/AlizaMS development by creating an account on GitHub.
Install Aliza MS on Linux | Flathub
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