Aloia CMS: Next Generation Flat-file CMS for Laravel developers

Laravel is a trending PHP7 development framework. It gained popularity among PHP developers especially newcomers and old-school developers who are migrating from other legacy frameworks.

Many PHP companies and enterprise prefer Laravel for in-house and client projects. As example at, we used it for several projects (Automation, content management, and eCommerce).

Today's topic about a great tool for Laravel developers that boost the development for creating flat-file CMS.

Aloia CMS is a flat-file content management system (CMS) component for Laravel.

It saves Laravel's developers dozens of hours creating the same functionalities from scratch.

It supports multiple file formats and file meta header which known as "YAML front matter".

YAML front matter (src. Aloia CMS)

Developers can extend its functionalities, create custom fields as well as custom content types.


  1. Extensible
  2. Configurable
  3. Multiple flat-file type/ extensions support
  4. GUI plugin support: AloiaCMS GUI
  5. Built-in content types: Page, Article, Content Block, Meta Tag
  6. Accept new content types
  7. Automatic publishing plugin
  8. Laravel 8 support
  9. Inline HTML content


  1. PHP >= 7.2
  2. ext-json
  3. ext-dom

Install Aloia CMS

Composer is required to install Aloia CMS.

composer require roelofjan-elsinga/aloia-cms


MIT License



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