Amplication: a developer-friendly Low-code Platform for enterprise

Amplication is a low-code development tool for the enterprise. It helps developers generate production-quality applications while it automates all repetitive tasks.

Currently, Amplication is in public beta, and it is free to use. However, in the future, it may offer a community plan and a paid business plan.

It features a builder or an IDE, automatic push to your GitHub repository.

Amplication produces the database and backend Node.js application within a Docker container, and it exports a React client code.

The developer can choose between creating his app through the front-end UI or the CLI (command-line interface). The next step is designing a data model, then automate the creation of REST and GraphQL APIs without any coding required.

Amplication generates a backend code in TypeScript on top of Node.js. The generated app is consisting of Nest.js, Prisma, REST and GraphQL APIs, React admin UI, logging, and enterprise-ready authentication and authorization.

Amplication Features

  1. Custom code allowed
  2. Sync with GitHub
  3. Version control management
  4. Role-based access control
  5. Developer-friendly and human-readable code generation
  6. Roles and permissions manager
  7. User manager
  8. Docker-ready
  9. React Admin UI
  10. Control panel
  11. Command-line interface (CLI)
  12. Generates both REST and GraphQL APIs
  13. Deployment using Docker

The developers are working on new features that include webhooks and custom integration options, so stay tuned.

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