Anubias is an open-source RAD (Rapid Application Development) IDE for building mobile and desktop apps. It uses Electron, and Flutter to aid developers build apps for all screens.

It is a promising project as it offers a simple developer-friendly interface, with drag-and-drop support to build a rich GUI. Moreover, it also comes with its own scripting language which is called xScript.

Anubias is aiming to provide a tool to build mobile, desktop, and web apps. It can be installed on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Soon as you download and install Anubias Desktop, you will run into a greeting scene with sample projects, which you are supposed to download and install by one click, but it does not fairly work on Linux.

However, not everything is shiny here, as the progress is very slow as the project, incomplete documentation, few examples that do not pull inside the IDE, and lack of developer community interest.

There is also no enough information about the xScript, and how to use it within the IDE.

The status of the project is unknown as it did not receive update since the last year. Also, there is no enough data about the team behind it, except they are from Iran.

Hopefully, in the near future, we can see video tutorials, and improved documentation.

What is need for Anubias to success?

It is a shame to see such an amazing effort gets abandoned, and forgotten, especially at such early stage. It requires few more steps to move forward, which are the essential to attract more developers and build a community.

Here are what is needed:

  1. Working open-source samples for mobile, desktop, and web apps.
  2. Rich developer-friendly documentation.
  3. Functional business-ready working apps.
  4. Several tutorials how to create mobile and desktop apps.
  5. Working samples with xScript.


The technology used within Anubias are:

  1. Flutter
  2. ElectronJS
  3. Vue.js
  4. WebPack
  5. and JavaScript


You can install Anubias on:

  1. Windows using MSI installer or a portable EXE file.
  2. Linux: as a SNAP package or as an AppImage.
  3. macOS with Anubias DMG file.


The project is released under the GPLv3 License.