APITable Is An Open-source Low-code Solution and Airtable Alternative

APITable Is An Open-source Low-code Solution and Airtable Alternative

APITable is a free open-source and self-hosted API-oriented low-code platform for building collaborative apps and better than all other Airtable open-source alternatives.

It comes with dozens of useful features which include team collaboration in real-time, automatic headless API dashboard, several data views, and automatic form generation.

APITable offers two editions: a self-hosted open-source free edition and an enterprise paid edition with advanced features that include SAML, Single-Sign-On (SSO), audit, database auto backup, data explorer, and watermark.

However, APITable requires a server with considerable hardware specifications. It is recommended to have at least 4 CPUs/8 GB RAM.

Note that the Native arm64 (Apple Silicon) container images is not ready yet and may cause bad performance.


  1. Rich dashboard
  2. Easy to install using Docker
  3. SQL-like query APITable will provide a Datasheet Query Language (DQL) to query your database-spreadsheet contents.
  4. Real-time collaboration
  5. Rich Database spreadsheet UI
  6. 7 View Types: Grid View (Datasheet) / Gallery View / Mind map View / Kanban View / Full-Feature Gantt View / Calendar View
  7. Full CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations
  8. Fields operations: sort, filter, grouping
  9. You can share and embed your tables easily in web apps
  10. s
  11. API-first panels
  12. Unlimited cross-table links
  13. Move data between tables
  14. Row and columns permissions
  15. Built-in 10+ templates
  16. BI dashboard
  17. One-click auto-generated form
  18. Shareable and embeddable page
  19. Multi-language support
  20. Integration with n8n.io / Zapier / Appsmith... and more.
  21. Advanced permission options
  22. Extensible Widget System with over 20 officials open-source widgets.
  23. Customizable Graph & Chart & Dashboard
  24. Customizable Data Column Types
  25. Customizable Formulas
  26. Customizable Automation Robot Actions.
  27. Developer-friendly API
  28. Rich DevOps and developer-oriented documentation

Use cases

  1. Business intelligence
  2. Web and mobile app backends
  3. Team collaborations of spreadsheet
  4. App Prototyping
  5. Flexible Project Management & Tasks / Issues Management.
  6. Marketing Lead Management.
  7. Most flexible and connectable CRM.
  8. Flexible Business Intelligence (BI).
  9. People-Friendly Forms and Surveys
  10. Flexible ERP.
  11. Low-code and no-code platform.
  12. Embed API Table into your own software UIs.
  13. Visual Database with REST API.
  14. Admin dashboard.
  15. Central configuration management.
  16. All-in-one enterprise database that connect all your software.


The open-source edition is released under the AGPL-3.0 License.


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