Install Meteor on Apple M1

As I have been developing with Meteor for years, It was the first thing I usually install on my machine soon as I install the system which is usually Linux. On my new Apple M1, Meteor has a priority as well, but it needs a little trick.

How to install Meteor on Apple Silicon?

1- Install Rosetta

To install Meteor and other non-supported M1 tools through the terminal we need to install Rosetta which a translation layer that allows users to run apps that contain x86-64 instructions on Apple Silicon.

2- Create a Rosetta Terminal

Soon as you install Rosetta we need to create a dedicated terminal app for it.

Open finderGoUtilities and right-click on the Terminal app and duplicate it.

Soon as you duplicate it, rename it to: Rosetta Terminal

Then, right-click on the newly created terminal icon and select Get Info and check: Open using Rosetta

3- Install Meteor

Now, you are ready to install Meteor the normal classic way through Rosetta Terminal

curl | sh

Soon as the installation is finished, you can create a new Meteor app.


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