Aquamacs: Emacs editor with full LaTeX support for macOS (Free app)

Emacs is an integrated text editors family preferred by many developers, programmers and researchers around the world. It's originally developed by David A. Moon, Guy L. Steele Jr. and Richard M. Stallman.

Though, Emacs is built for GNU Linux, Aquamacs is built for macOS and offers seamless integration with the system. It features better keybinding, drag/ drop functionality and clipboard integration.

Aquamacs is designed to make it easy for users to get started with Emacs. It also makes it easy to switch between different programs on the Mac. Further, Aquamacs comes with many packages pre-installed and configured so that users can, for example, start editing LaTeX documents with AUCTeX or statistical programs in R using ESS-Mode. Many programming languages are supported, and sometimes Aquamacs provides, by default, other major modes for certain programming languages than what comes with GNU Emacs.

Aquamacs has a built-in support for LaTeX/ Tex and a rich ecosystem with many third-party packages.


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GPL-3.0 license


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