What is Arkcase?

Arkcase is an open source case management platform that enables users to customize, automate end to end case management activities. It also helps users reduce the complexity and unpredictability of your organization.

Arkcase is an adaptive, dynamic case management and digital transformation platform to support  your business solutions for modernizing your mission-critical application. In addition, it has preconfigured solutions for many use cases that include freedom of information act (FOIA), complaint management, correspondence management, legal case management and more.


  1. Fully on promise solution
  2. Hybrid solution
  3. Cloud base solution
  4. Flexibility
  5. Host anywhere
  6. It has a high security
  7. The data is secure and easily accessible
  8. Calendar, email, ECM, CRM integration
  9. Low code workflows builder
  10. Audit, Brand, User, Queue management
  11. Support automation
  12. Highly configurable
  13. Freely distributed and available for every organization
  14. Flexibility
  15. Speed
  16. Matured and reliable technology


Arkcase licensed under the LGPL-3.0 license.