Audacity is SPYING on You! here is the alternative!!

Audacity is SPYING on You! here is the alternative!!

For anyone looking to create videos for a website or a business, being able to record and edit audio, like a voiceover, is an important skill to have.

As you might think and we will be using a free audio editor and recorder called Audacity.

In my opinion, audacity is one of the best sound recording apps on windows before this news.

This open-source sound recording project has a new owner that has now can sell your data to law enforcement and various other potential buyers such as the FBI, Adv, and more.

That means they can selling anything from your diagnostic data to lateral access to your microphone.

DarkAudacity is the best alternative. It is a customized version of Audacity.


DarkAudacity is an open-source friendly sound editor with simplicity and flexibility. It is like Audacity it is completely free.

DarkAudacity allows you to record, play, edit sound on your computer, apply audio effects and save what you create for ringtones, podcasts, and more.

Official website:

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