AuroraCMS is an exceptional and completely free Australian open source content management system that is specifically designed to cater to the needs of businesses. The CMS is built using PHP, jQuery, and iCONS. It is specifically designed to take advantage of the latest features of HTML5 and CSS3 to provide the users with an experience that is both fast and highly responsive.

The CMS comes equipped with a wide range of necessary SEO attributes that will help businesses to rank higher on search engines. What's more, AuroraCMS is designed to be highly accessible and comes with a comprehensive accessibility widget that will help users with disabilities to access the website with ease.

In addition, the CMS comes with a content scheduler, which enables businesses to plan and schedule their content publishing in advance. Furthermore, AuroraCMS allows businesses to create custom pages that are tailored to their specific needs, thereby enhancing the overall user experience and making it easier for customers to navigate through the website.


  • AuroraCMS is a Quasi-MVC, Front End is completely MVC, with some AJAX Functions for Form Processing.
  • Built-in feature-rich WYSIWYG editor
  • Accessibility (A11Y) Widget that can be enabled to allow site visitors to change settings to allow those with disabilities to use the website more easily, and to adhere to the Australian Accessibility Law.
  • Hosting and Site Payments for Developers.
  • Developer-friendly forms
  • No Plugins. AuroraCMS does use some Third Party Script's, that are security vetted.
  • Business Hours Editor.
  • Content Scheduler with Auto Content Publishing.
  • Related Content, either Chosen or Category matched.
  • Custom Pages.
  • Content Types with pages, and individual item pages
  • FAQS section
  • Newsletters
  • Media manager
  • Messages
  • Booking
  • Gallery
  • Orders
  • Forum
  • Course Management
  • Featured Content
  • Accounts
  • Theme selector
  • Comments
  • Built-in SEO support
  • Page and visits statistics
  • Configurable dashboard widget
  • Advertisements manager
  • Agronomy for managing Farms.

Security Features

  • Spam Filter than can Auto Blacklist IP's using custom blacklist text files that can be edited.
  • Project Honey Pot Integration that can Auto Blacklist when check IP's against the httpBL API Service when forms are submitted via visitors.
  • Ability to Add suspicious visitor interactions to Blacklist.
  • 30 Day Auto-Clearance of Blacklisted IP's.
  • Site Block if visitor's IP is listed in Blacklist, saving server resources, and to hopefully stop Spammers or Email Harvester's.
  • Database Backup and ability to Prefix Table Names.
  • Blacklist IP's that try to access WordPress based files or attempt WordPress Access.
  • Developer "Lock Down", this stops accounts lower than the developer from taking the website out of "maintenance" or "Coming Soon" modes.

Farm management features

The system includes several agronomy features for managing farms

  • Area map plotting for managing pasture/paddock areas.
  • Livestock management, incl. selecting which area they are currently in.
  • Cropping for crop management, incl. whole paddock area cropping as well as small plots.
  • Logging for area, livestock, and crop history. (WIP)


  • PHP


  • Windows
  • Linux Mint
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Arch Linux
  • CentOS


  • MIT license


  • GitHub
GitHub - DiemenDesign/AuroraCMS: The Australian Open Source Content Management System
The Australian Open Source Content Management System - GitHub - DiemenDesign/AuroraCMS: The Australian Open Source Content Management System