Authelia: Open-source SSO Single Sign-on for enterprise

Single Sign-on (SSO), is a technology that combines several app login screens into one single login.

In contrast, it offers a session and user authentication service for a user to use a single login for many apps.

Let us take Google as an example, soon as login into your Google Gmail account, you have access to all Google services like Google calendar, Google Drive, Developer account YouTube, and Google Play Store, and more other services.

SSO reduces the security risk, increases productivity, and provides a central secure user and session management system with improved security.

SSO is often coming with Two-factor authentication or Multi-factor authentication, which adds more security layers for user accounts.

Authelia is an open-source technology-agnostic Single Sign-on and 2-Factor authentication server for the enterprise.

Authelia login UI 

Enterprise can use Authelia to allow its platforms and apps users to enter their login credentials once and login to access everything.

Authelia can run bare metal or with Kubernetes.

Authelia SSO Features highlight

Authelia login settings and options
  1. Users can access with username and password which stored in LDAP
  2. A responsive login API that works on desktops and mobiles
  3. Mobile push notification
  4. Universal 2nd factor: Authelia supports U2F security keys as Yubikeys as the second factor.
  5. One-time password support, which can be generated by Google Authenticator
  6. The user can reset his password easily with email confirmation.
  7. Per-resources authorization
  8. Login attempt regulation
  9. Kubernetes support
  10. Developer- and DevOps friendly documentation
  11. Compatible with Traefik with the support of ForwardAuth middleware
  12. Supports OpenID connect (Beta)
  13. Proxy support


Authelia is released under Apache license 2.0


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