AuthPass is a KeePass compatible free Password manager for Windows, macOS, and Linux

What is AuthPass?

AuthPass is a multi-platform, free, and open-source password manager for all types of users.

AuthPass is fully compatible with the popular open-source KeePass password manager, which many consider the father of open-source password managers.

The app is written with Flutter which is gaining popularity among developers building for building mobile, desktop, and web apps.

The project is the brain child of Herbert Poul who is a freelancer mobile, and web developer from Austria, who started the project few years ago. However, the project now is packed by a ground of open-source developers.


AuthPass Password Manager
AuthPass Password Manager
  1. It comes with a clean, usable interface which does not require much to learn
  2. Quickly add passwords, keys
  3. Users can add custom fields and attachments for every password
  4. It loads, and decrypt the KeePass database (kdbx) with a password of a key file
  5. AuthPass comes with auto-lock after a certain amount of time to keep your passwords and data save
  6. It allows users to store and load passwords and login credentials
  7. It helps you organize your passwords in groups (collections)
  8. Users can search in dozens of passwords
  9. It supports secure copy/ paste for passwords
  10. It works on Windows, Linux, and macOS
  11. It supports native operating system integration which improves security
  12. It supports macOS KeyStore and KeyChain
  13. It supports Fingerprint and the face unlock
  14. It comes with a built-in password autofill and seamless integration with web forms
  15. Easily keep your passwords synced between your, desktop, web, and mobile
  16. Sync your data to services like Google Drive, WebDav, NextCloud, ownCloud, and Dropbox.
  17. Supports mobile fingerprinting to unlock your passwords.


AuthPass works for Windows, Linux, and macOS. It also offers Android and iOS versions, which you can install from Apple and Google application stores.

AuthPass also comes with a web-based edition that runs within any modern browser.

Download AuthPass Password manager


AuthPass is released and distributed under GPL-3 License.


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