Baby Buddy: an Open-source Free newborn digital assistant

Baby Buddy is a free open-source web-based solution for new parents to help them log, monitor and track their parenting activities.

As it is primary function, it helps users log:

  1. Sleep
  2. Feeding routine
  3. Feeding methods
  4. Diaper changes
  5. Tummy time

Soon as the project lunched on GitHub, it gains a lot of attention from developers who star and fork it, and report several development issues to the developer.

Baby Buddy is a built by Christopher Charbonneau Wells who has released many interesting  projects.

The project built with Django (Python), and uses several development libraries for front-end development.

Note that it is under  continues development so expect more features in the near future.

Baby Buddy's Features

  1. A responsive design that works seamlessly on mobile and desktop
  2. An informative dashboard
  3. Monitor and tracking logs
  4. Timer management
  5. Active timers notification
  6. Activity monitoring
  7. Track feeding
  8. Diaper change tracking
  9. Feeding method
  10. Charts and graps
  11. Tummy time management
  12. Sleep tracking and management
  13. Multiple-languages support
  14. Import and export functionalities
  15. Multiple deployment options
  16. Docker support
  17. Developer-friendly API for building mobile, desktop apps.

Available languages

  1. English
  2. Dutch
  3. Finish
  4. German
  5. French
  6. Italian
  7. Portuguese
  8. Spanish
  9. Swedish
  10. Turkish

Tech stack

Django REST Framework, Node.JS, NPM, Bootstrap 4, Plotly, Gulp and Travis CI.


Baby Buddy is released and distributed under BSD-2-Clause License.


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