BeeBEEP is a free peer-to-peer lightweight LAN messenger that allows you to exchange encrypted messages and files with your office workers in a snap.

It does not require any external server to work as it works directly in your LAN using AES with random 256-bit key generated for every single point-to-point connection made.

BeeBEEP client is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, as well as Raspberry Pi and OS/2.

It supports group messages, message streaming, user search, voice messages, P2P file sharing, and offline messages.

Another handy feature that we love about BeeBEEP is that it allows desktop sharing, which is a useful feature for network presentation, or providing a help or a support for a colleague at work.

BeeBEEP supports 23 languages as it has a vast community of users and developers who depend on it for their daily work.


BeeBEEP in macOS (src. BeeBEEP)


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