Best 5 Free filmmaking apps for students

Best 5 open-source filmmaking apps for students. These powerful video editing apps let students create short movies for fun and presentations for their academics.

Best 5 Free filmmaking apps for students

Most parents do not often support a child's creativity in either making videos or singing. The culture, however, is changed now, and producing high-quality video content has become a potential career.

Simple filmmaking applications or software can make it much easier for people to polish their video-making skills. Some best filmmaking apps also assist students in revealing their talent and make films that could contribute to society. Nowadays, teachers are also using these apps, such as TikTok videos, in classrooms to assist students in improving their grades.

You can always spot some college/university students making TikTok videos on campus for fun.  Here are the top five open-source video apps that may help students in getting better at filmmaking:


Powtoon is an excellent software for beginners who are looking to cash their video-making skills into the right platform. It comes with a free as well as a licensed version. The free version is basically for students, while the premium versions are available for professionals.

It is popular software with numerous animation options. Due to the uniqueness and easiness of the user interface, Powtoon is one of the best video editing apps. Not only this tool assists students in preparing presentation but also in research work. More importantly, the mobile version of this software is also available on Google Play and the Apple Store.


Animotica is one of the free and best apps for students looking to sharpen their video-making skills. The most prominent feature of this software is its easy-to-use interface, as it comes with simple drag and drops options. Apart from editing videos, people can also add photos or funny GIFs to make the video more interesting or funny.

Further, special video effects and animations make this software easier to use. This tool can also be used to produce high-definition (HD) short films to cover university/college projects.


TikTok has marked its presence in a very short time around the globe. This is a very popular short video-making app that allows transferring people's creative mindset into a video. Not only students but teachers are also using this platform to improve grammar skills, increase general knowledge and assist students in learning coursework.

For entertainment purposes, people make short movies on top of TikTok trends. The most recent trend in this short movie platform is related to the popular TV series "13 reasons why". The teachers have also used the same TV series for teaching lessons. For example, teachers may ask to write a brief essay on why the main character of this TV series committed suicide. Numerous websites are offering college essay samples on 13 Reasons Why. The essay samples can assist those students who have not watched this TV series yet as well as those who have watched it already.


Filmora9 is counted as the best easy moviemaker software that is made for all video editors or makers. The following tool comes with countless editing features. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface assists the users in supervising their projects with complete control. It also comes with several languages, so there is also a probability that you will find the software instructions in your native tongue. Not only that, but the Filmora company is also busy making YouTube videos to explain the usage of each tool individually. These tutorials are the easiest ways to learn about the features of the software.

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is made for university-level students as it comes with some professional tools.  With 8k editing and HD visual effects, it allows students to edit short films without any hassle. It comes with as offline as well online editing option. Its dedicated interface allows the users to trim the videos within minutes.

Another most important feature of this software is its auto-editing ability, which saves users’ a lot of time. You can always buy its premium version if you are planning to make something bigger. Otherwise, its free version also allows editing, trimming, and producing high-quality video content.


The pro-tip before starting any video is to write the script first. A powerful script transforms the flow of ideas effectively from the paper into the video. All the above-mentioned video editing tools are helpful in making it easier for people to come forward and show their talent on digital platforms.

YouTube is one of the leading video platforms that encourage people to make videos as it also rewards the video makers with a handsome amount of money. Thanks to the digital platform and some professional open-source apps that have enabled students to seek a career in video making/editing.

This is how these short movies applications engage people to educate themselves against evil mindsets and encourage them to face society instead of committing suicide.

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