Best 6 Software Solutions to Keep Your Data Safe

Best 6 Software Solutions to Keep Your Data Safe

According to a recent study conducted by Pew Research Center, over 64% of Americans have experienced some data breach in the past. Unfortunately, several hackers on the internet are waiting for the slightest opportunity to take advantage of your data online.

Therefore, it is essential to understand the kind of information targeted and how hackers can use such information to compromise your security. That is why you need to consider data recovery for pc, and data protection software. Look at this ranking of popular data recovery software solutions.

More importantly, you need to know how to protect yourself online. In this article, we discuss some of the best Software Solutions to Keep Your Data Safe, but first, let's look at some reasons to protect your information.

Why do you want to protect your data?

1. Protect Your Identity

When someone gains access to your personal data and pretends to be you online, they shall have stolen your identity. They can, therefore, easily commit cybercrime such as tax fraud by simply posing as you.

2. Protect Your Financial Information

The other reason to protect your data online is to secure your financial information. Hackers can use your banking information to make withdrawals, transfers, and even purchases. It is therefore vital to protect your financial information to ensure your money is as safe as possible.

3. Avoid Being Robbed

Most burglaries will occur in daylight when you are at school or work. This is because it is much easier to steal from your house when you are not there. There are several ways to protect your information to avoid being robbed.

4. Protect Your Employability

Nearly all employers do background checks on social media accounts of their potential employees before they are recruited. Protecting your personal information helps you escape the negative influence that can potentially keep you off the job.

Best Software Solutions To Keep Your Data Safe

1. Disk Drill

Disk Drill by CleverFiles is one of the most reliable software solutions to data loss issues for many internet users. The tool has a user-friendly user interface that makes the key features more accessible. Besides, the features make it easy to navigate data protection, data recovery and drive backup.

As opposed to the other data security software solutions, the data protection features of Disk Drill are offered to users for free. And, you can activate further protection for personal information by configuring Recovery Vault to store the data in case they are deleted. Here's what a professional reviewer thinks of Disk Drill.

2. Abine Blur Premium

Albine Blur protects your email data from hackers. If you subscribe to the Albine Blur Premium, you get access to a verifiable assortment of privacy-enhancing features and services. The software uses masked emails features to automate the process of utilizing different email addresses for every transaction.

However, it will be of no use if the email is masked, but your credit card details remain exposed. Therefore, Blur masks card numbers to protect you from shady merchants who would like to charge you extra or try faking additional transactions on your card.

Blur safely syncs your payment data, such as passwords, across all your mobile or PCs. Besides, it has active browser extensions that offer full access to program features with an active "Do Not Track" component that keeps away trackers.

3. IDX Privacy

This software brings together a range of tools to protect your online privacy. The device constantly scans spyware in the background and removes your personal data from potential data aggregation websites.

Also, the software offers secure search through the well-regarded DuckDuckGo service. It has a simple VPN that protects your online communications while at the same time securing your real-world IP address.

The app can block online trackers and give alerts on potential harmful social media activities. Besides, it offers an identity theft remediation guarantee for all its users.

4. TrackOFF Basic

With advertisers increasingly targeting your personal profile to help them target ads, TrackOFF Basic stands on their way with active Do Not Track systems. Also, the system secures your personal data from browser fingerprinting, which is a way to steal your personal profile through the browsers you use.

5. Abine DeleteMe

This data recovery software helps you to secure your data online by scanning websites for aggregating websites and automates the opt-out process to make it as easy as possible for you to opt-out of them. It also sends you monthly reports on the sites that DeletMe found and those removed successfully.

6. Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection

When you install the Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection, it requires you to fill in forms with your personal, medical, and financial details. It then searches dark webs for any forms of the breach to turn up exposures that are potentially your personal information.

Although the software does not attempt automated opt-out, it seeks your personal data on data aggregator sites, making it easier to block spy sites and improve file recovery.

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