Best SEO Tools For Linux In 2022

SEO specialists perform search engine optimization using web services and other professional tools.

They help to audit the search parameters of the site, form a semantic kernel, and perform different types of work. SEO tools for websites help you choose the best strategy for search engine optimization with minimal costs.

We have analyzed various professional services. This guide will learn about the best SEO software programs for Linux.

This operating system is very popular among SEO professionals. We have made a list of desktop and online tools for search engine promotion for this operating system version. However, most proposed programs will also work on Windows or macOS. Therefore, you will not feel any limitations in the choice of SEO software, regardless of the computer system used.

SEO Tools Functionality

SEO tools for Linux or other operating systems have many features:

  • Selection of key phrases for unique content (semantic core collection);
  • Analysis of the site according to numerous parameters (uniqueness of content, the relevance of keywords, number of key phrases, etc.);
  • Link mass analysis of pages;
  • Analysis of site load speed;
  • Analysis of metadata;
  • Integration with many marketing tools;
  • Search for duplicate content and other errors;
  • Making a list of recommendations to improve ranking and indexing.

SEO specialists cannot work without professional tools. Different services perform essential functions in work with page parameter analysis. These services for Linux and other systems perform traffic analysis, track competitors, generate keywords for content, and find errors on site pages that lead to poor indexation.

5 Best SEO Tools For Linux in 2022

There are many professional SEO services, but we have selected the best tools for Linux and other popular systems in 2022.


SEMrush is one of the most functional digital marketing tools. It combines a backlink-building service, a program for selecting key phrases, and an in-depth analysis of website SEO parameters. More than 3 million users use this service for search engine optimization. The web tool is adapted for Linux, macOS, and Windows platforms. Therefore, you will not have any difficulty using the free or paid version of the service.

The feature of SEMrush is an advanced dashboard with numerous parameters and graphs. Even novice SEO specialists will be able to grasp the parameters and functionality of the service quickly.

In just a few clicks, you can determine the link mass of the site, select the keys, track traffic, and detect optimization problems. The licensed version of the service has unlimited possibilities. Therefore, we recommend using it and not limiting yourself to a free demonstration period.

Netpeak Spider

The web version of Netpeak Spider works stably on Linux and macOS. This is another functional SEO tool for beginners and experienced SEO specialists.

The features of this service are data segmentation for thorough analysis, integration with Google Analytics, and analysis of third-party platform metrics. All of this functionality is integrated into an intuitive interface with multilingual support for users worldwide.

It's in-house developed by globally renowned digital company Netpeak.


SEO experts prefer to use Ahrefs when it comes to guest post-placement. This service knows how to perform in-depth link mass analysis so that you can improve the ranking of your site's pages.

Identify the best backlinks and analyze their quality to improve external SEO. In addition, Ahrefs has other functionality. For example, keyword phrase analysis and vulnerability search.


SpyFu is considered one of the best software for SEO professionals because of its effective parsing technology. This tool looks for data to match keywords that organizations and websites buy through Google Ads.

The service also finds matching search results, allowing businesses to understand which keywords are appearing in Google's search results.


Serpstat is a multifunctional platform that monitors website positions, analyzes reviews, conducts SEO audits, and analyzes the semantic core and competitor resources. One of the main advantages of Serpstat is keyword analysis. The program analyzes information about semantics, PPC, competitors, and data needed for keyword targeting.

The program tracks backlinks and your competitors' performance, allowing you always to be one step ahead. In addition, you can use it to analyze your competitors' SEO strategies, PPC advertising, and content marketing. It also has an extension for various browsers to get important information while surfing the web.

Also, it is capable of providing a comprehensive understanding of competitors' strategies, Serpstat's backlink profile analysis stands out as a vital feature within its platform, ensuring users stay ahead by monitoring backlinks. In addition, you can use it to analyze your competitors' SEO strategies, PPC advertising, and content marketing. It also has an extension for various browsers to get important information while surfing the web.


You have a large selection of SEO ranking tools, regardless of the preferred operating system on your work computer. Some professional tools are available for free. However, most services have a licensed version with the widest functionality and many search engine promotion options. Choose one of the suggested tools if you are a professional site search engine promotion. Look here for more information on the capabilities of SEO tools.

Experiment and test different services, not to miss some unique features or possibilities, to increase your organic traffic. You will succeed!

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