🌳 Betula- Free Open-source Federated Personal Link Collection Manager

🌳 Betula- Free Open-source Federated Personal Link Collection Manager

Betula is a self-hosted bookmarking software designed for single users, offering optional Fediverse support. Features include the ability to publish bookmarks with optional titles and descriptions, add tags, and control the privacy of bookmarks.


  • Publish bookmarks, along with optional title and description formatted with Mycomarkup.
  • Add tags to your bookmarks.
  • Bookmarks can be public or private. Share only what you want to share!
  • Simple user interface that does not require JavaScript.
    • If you have JavaScript, you can use tag autocompletion.
  • The whole collection is saved as a single SQLite file.
  • IndieWeb microformats are produced.
  • Simple installation: the program is one binary, the collection is one file, all configuration is done through the web interface.
  • Bookmarklet.
  • Built-in documentation.
  • Search.
  • Fediverse (optional):
    • You can repost posts from other Betula instances, and other software, sometimes.
    • Other Fediverse software such as Mastodon can follow Betula instances.
    • You can follow other Betulas and receive new bookmarks in your Timeline!

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