Botfather is a universal automation framework built to help users create, manage and automated their bots for web, desktop and android devices.

It's created to create bots for casual games. Later, it was extended to work on Android, Browser and desktop applications.

Botfather works with a simple scripts which is beneficial for students who want to learn how to code, web developers to test their websites and regulated automated tasks for desktop systems and Android devices.

The scripts work seamlessly on Windows and Linux (I ran a couple of tests on Linux Manjaro Linux and Linux Mint).

Botfather default user-interface

Developers will certainly enjoy Botfather not just because its cross-platform framework, but also because its rich API, educational materials and well-written documentation


Botfather script manager
  1. Script manager
  2. Simple innovative user-interface
  3. Script runner
  4. local and remote bots support
  5. Android bot manager
  6. Rich script library

Scripts Library

Scripts library

Botfather has a large supportive community of developers, they have submitted dozens of useful bot scripts for free for browser, desktops and android platforms. Although, this script library has not been populated yet with most of the scripts, you can find many scripts on GitHub by searching for Botfather's scripts.