Botonic: An open-source React framework for building Conversational apps

Conversational apps are becoming essential tools for customer support and improving customer experience. There are no shortage of commercial, and enterprise tools to build such apps. So, here we offer you a great open-source alternative.

Botonic is a full-stack serverless framework that combines the power of React and Tensorflow.js to create amazing experiences at the intersection of text and graphical interfaces.

With Botonic, you can create an interactive user experience, improve your customer engagement, and increase overall user satisifcation.

Alternatives to

Botonic is an open-source alternative to: Intercom, Liveperson, Freshchat, Drift, Landbot, Olark.

Messaging channels aggregators like: Zendesk Sunshine (formerly Smooch)

NLU closed services like: Dialogflow, Watson, Luis, Inbenta


  1. Built-in Tensorflow.js support
  2. Full serverless mode
  3. Developer-friendly documentation
  4. Fully Customizable Webchat SDK
  5. Webviews
  6. NLP Natural Language Understanding#
  7. Modular with a rich plugin set
  8. CLI app for scaffolding, running, and deploying your apps
  9. Developer-friendly documentation


Botonic comes with a battery of plugins so you can easily integrate popular services into your project, for instance:


Botonic is released under the MIT License


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