Bottles: Run Windows App on Linux

Bottles is free and open source software that uses environments to help you easily manage and run Windows apps on Linux.

Bottles: Run Windows App on Linux

Bottles is an open-source that enables you to run Windows software on Linux, such as applications and games.

It introduces a workflow that helps you organize by categorizing each software to your liking. Bottles provides several tools and integrations to help you manage and optimize your applications.


  • Use pre-configured environments as a base
  • Change runners for any bottle
  • Various optimizations and options for gaming
  • Repair in case software or bottle is broken
  • Install various known dependencies
  • Integrated task manager to manage and monitor processes
  • Backup and restore
  • Running programs via the CLI
  • Translated to many languages

Switch Enviroment

Bottles introduces a new way to handle Windows prefixes using environments, a combination of ready-to-use settings, libraries and dependencies.

Choose between Gaming and Software environment based on the type of software you want to start.

More advanced users can choose the Custom environment to configure the bottle on their own.

Integrated dependency manager

Windows software need dependencies to work properly.

Bottles comes with a powerful and easy-to-use dependency manager that automates this task.

Just look for the package you need and then "install", Bottles will take care of everything for you.

Install programs in one clickNew

Installers (introduced in 2022.2.14) are an easy way to install games and applications into your bottles.

Installers are instruction sets written by our community, which automate the entire dependency setup and installation process. You won't have to worry about anything anymore.

Comes with a Snapshot Manager

The Snapshots manager allows you to easily restore a previous state of your bottle.

If enabled, Bottles will automatically create a new snapshot when you install a new dependency.

If something goes wrong, go to the Snapshots section of your bottle and restore the previous state.

Built-in Sandbox

Your bottles are isolated from the system and will only hit your personal files when you decide.

The full-sandbox is provided and pre-configured only using the Flatpak package (highly recommended).

All other packages still have access to the partial sandbox which isolates the bottle files and prevents them from accessing your homedir.

Download and Install

You can install this app easily using Flathub by running the following.

flatpak install flathub com.usebottles.bottles


  • GPL-3.0 License

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