Briar: The right open-source messenger for activists

Briar: The right open-source messenger for activists
Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona / Unsplash

Briar is an open-source mobile massager application with enhanced security for Android systems. It is designed to protect its users from surveillance and authority tracking.  

With Briar, you don't need to worry about messages encryption as it uses a peer-to-peer encryption for all messages and forums.

The app can work seamlessly even with or without internet as it can sync the messages between devices using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Tor network.

Using Briar messenger you don't need to worry about denial of service, metadata surveillance, message/ content surveillance, takedown and internet blackouts.

Currently, the application works in the background, and asks for some permission to run as camera access, location access and Bluetooth access.

Briar application is an ideal solution for activists, journalists and whistleblowers who want a secure messenger without server footprint.

The application is available for download in Google Play Store, and F-Droid as many may prefer another mean to install the app security for a reliable source.

Briar is packed by a strong community of developers, activists, enthusiasts and privacy activists. So, there is no need to worry about it shutting down or selling the data to a third party.

The project is governed by a voluntary board of activists, developers, and software engineers.

Briar's Features

  1. Message group
  2. Message replies
  3. Forums and Blog
  4. Message contact
  5. Image attachments
  6. Profile images
  7. Peer-to-peer communication
  8. end-to-end encryption
  9. Disappearing messages
  10. Messages sync via Tor network
  11. No-cloud or server to store the messages
  12. Image compression
  13. Messages sync over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Tor

Get Briar messenger for your Android device

  1. Google Play Store
  2. Install Briar via F-Droid

Things to consider

  1. Briar is not available for iOS devices
  2. You cannot have multiple identities, profiles or accounts
  3. You cannot use the same account with other devices
  4. It is impossible (in the current version) to back up your account.


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