Builds a Web and eCommerce Pages with Drag and Drop Builds a Web and eCommerce Pages with Drag and Drop is a free open-source framework agonistic library for building and design stylish web pages with drag and drop.

It is presented as a visual CMS library for building advanced rich web pages, and eCommerce components for enterprise apps. works seamlessly with React, Vue, Angular and several other frameworks. offers an API-driven UI that allows developers to:

  • Decouple page updates from deploys
  • Schedule, a/b test, and personalize via APIs
  • Reduce code + increase composability

The project is developed and maintained by many developers. It receives regular updates and bug fixes.


  1. Super lightweight library.
  2. Clean API-driven code.
  3. Supports React, Angular and Vue.
  4. Highly customizable layout.
  5. Easily to integrate into section building and page building.
  6. Seamless integration with CMS data.
  7. Great performance.
  8. The content is structured into pages, sections, and data.
  9. Offers a REST API
  10. Can be integrated with Figma
  11. Plays well with Next.js, Nuxt, Web Components Gatsby, and Shopify
  12. Comes with a Content API
  13. Full Webhook support
  14. GraphQL API