Calendar.js: May be the Best Web-based Calendar yet

A drag & drop event calendar (for Javascript), that is fully responsive and compatible with all modern browsers.

Calendar.js: May be the Best Web-based Calendar yet

Calendar.js is a free open source web-based calendar app. It features dozens of useful features and a responsive customizable interface.

One of the best features here is it allows you to control your events by drag-and-drop, duplicate events, add translated events, and even group your events.

You can create custom events, export and import your events in different formats, schedule and repeat events, search your events and more.


  • Adding, updating, and removing events, with full custom colors support.
  • Full API available via public functions.
  • Drag and Drop for events.
  • Copy & Paste, and Duplication of events.
  • Configurable text for translations.
  • Day, Week, Month, and All Events views.
  • Fully styled in CSS/SASS (including the buttons) and compatible with the Bootstrap library.
  • Custom events for actions (adding/updating/removing events, skipping months, etc).
  • Export to CSV, XML, JSON, TEXT, iCAL, MD, HTML, and TSV.
  • Full-screen mode (double-clicking the title bar).
  • Search support.
  • Repeat every Day, Week, Month, Year, or a custom period (with exclusion days support).
  • Customizable holidays.
  • Navigation keys (in full-screen mode).
  • Navigation keys (global).

Supported browsers

All modern browsers (such as Google Chrome, FireFox, and Opera) are fully supported.

Limited support is available for Internet Explorer, but this will cease by the end of 2021.


The project is released under the GPL-3.0 License.


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