CalorieScope is A Calories Calculator for Android That Cares About Your Privacy

CalorieScope is an android application which is designed to help the user to maintain healthy lifestyle.  

Unlike most of the calorie calculator apps, this app does not contain any third-party script or share your details online to any service.

The user will be able to maintain the record of physical activities performed over the time such as counting the steps taken.

The app helps the user calculates calories burnt while the user walks and also keep track of beverages such as water and caffeine. This application is capable of more operations such as calculating BMI/ WHR to track your body shape.

Furthermore, the user will also get access to the latest health news, health tips and health/ workout related videos.

The application uses advanced algorithms and uses inbuilt device hardware to its maximum potential while keeping CPU usage low which makes this application go easy on battery.


  1. Heart rate logger
  2. Step counter
  3. Calories burnt
  4. Calories calculator
  5. BMI calculator
  6. News
  7. A rich video stream for health-related videos


The app and the source code is released under the GNU General Public License V2.0.