CapRover is an Open-source PaaS for productive deployment

Easiest app/database deployment platform and webserver package for your NodeJS, Python, PHP, Ruby, Go applications.

CapRover is an Open-source PaaS for productive deployment

What is CapRover?

CapRover is a free open-source PaaS (Platform as a service) for app\database deployment and web server manager.

It allows developers to easily deploy apps and database engines without having to worry about the internals.

CapRover is an extremely easy to use app/database deployment & web server manager for your NodeJS, Python, PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby, MySQL, MongoDB, Postgres, WordPress (and etc...) applications!

CapRover is available for any Platform (windows, macOS, Linux).

An incredibly good-looking open source TypeScript app\database deployment and web server manager with essential features.

It comes for your NodeJS, Python, PHP, Ruby, Go applications that let users use it as  a CLI for automation and scripting, web GUI for ease of access and convenience.

All you need to get CapRover server, some copy and paste option.

Over all, it is easy to use and offers some essential features that you might want to know before trying it out.

Features of CapRover

while it looks like a simple PaaS platform, it has a lot to offer. Some of the features to highlight are:

  • Ability to swarm under the hood for containerization and clustering.
  • Fully customizable Nginx config for load balancing.
  • Integration with many system’s
  • Encryption support
  • Simple-to-use interface
  • Fast and very robust with Docker, nginx, LetsEncrypt and NetData
  • No lock-in! Remove CapRover and your apps keep working
  • Docker Swarm support for containerization and clustering
  • Web GUI for ease of access and convenience
  • CLI for automation and scripting
  • Ability to secure your services over HTTPS for FREE
  • Ability to automatically redirect HTTP to HTTPS.
  • Fast Deploying in one-click MongoDB, Parse, MySQL, WordPress, Postgres and many more.
  • Cluster is already available
  • Productivity will increase case CapRover focus on your app

Even with all the features, it is quite easy to Deploy App in some simple statement, upload your source from dashboard, use command line CapRover deploy, use webhooks and build upon git push

No matter whether you want to take all the features or just a few, CapRover is an amazing tool to help you to out with.

Installing CapRover

Who can use CapRover?

  • A web developer who doesn't like spending hours and days setting up a server, build tools, sending code to server, build it, get an SSL certificate, install it.
  • A developer who use expensive services actually is a good alternative for services like Heroku, Microsoft Azure.
  • Someone who prefers shortcuts than the long terms.
  • Developer who likes installing MySQL, MongoDB on their server by selecting from a dropdown and clicking on installation.
  • A web developer, developer who uses expensive services


CapRover released under the Apache License, Version 2.0


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