Carbon Is an Awesome Data Reporting tool

Carbon Is an Awesome Data Reporting tool

Carbon is a free open source report generator that allows you to generate reports from many file formats as well as office suites like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and LibreOffice.

If supports many formats that include PDF, DOCS, XLSX, ODT, PPTX, ODS, XML, CSV and JSON files.

Carbon can be used on desktop, installed on the cloud, as well as on-premise. The cloud version is GDPR-compliant.

The developers offer an open-source code for hackers, a cloud API and several programming languages SDKs that include Golang, Python, NodeJS, JavaScript, and CURL.


  • Extremely simple : Use only LibreOffice™, OpenOffice™ or Microsoft Office™ to draw your report
  • Unlimited design : The limit is your document editor: pagination, headers, footers, tables...
  • Convert documents : thanks to the integrated document converter
  • Unique template engine : Insert JSON-like markers {d.companyName} directly in your document
  • Flexible : Use any XML documents as a template: DOCX, ODT, ODS, XLSX, HTML, PPTX, ODP, custom XML files…
  • Future-proof : A powerful XML-agnostic algorithm understands what to do without knowing XML document specifications
  • Multilingual : One template, multiple languages. Update translation files automatically
  • Format data : Use built-in date and number formatters or create your own in JavaScript
  • Fast : Manage multiple LibreOffice threads for document conversion, optimized code generation for each report


Carbon is released under the Apache-2.0 License


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