CFU Scope is a free iPhone application built to help microbiologists count CFU (Colony-forming units).

The application is released for iPhone years ago, but there is an Android edition in the final stage of development (according to the developers).

CFU Scope is created by "mediXgraph"; a team which specialized in Image Analysis for Biological and Medical Challenges.

The developer uses a neural network with an in-house data sets and training pipeline, all packed with a simple user-interface for a better usability.

CFU Scope allows users to save the images on their phones and share them with colleagues.

From counting CFU in labs to help people with ClearFace

The developer has created another remarkable app called ClearFace, which helps normal users to fight and manage their face acne issues.

It utilizes mobile vision to detect skin changes and abnormality and compare it to a lage labeled image datasets.

ClearFace is a privacy-aware app, and it is fully HIPAA-Compliant.

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