Clean Windows Environment From Unused Variables with EnvVarCleaner

Clean Windows Environment From Unused Variables with EnvVarCleaner

The Environment Variable Cleaner is a specialized utility software designed to manage and optimize the environment variables in a computer system. Originally developed to solve issues related to an overcrowded path variable, this application aids in preventing software installation failures.

It uses short, non-human readable names to keep the variable length minimal and deletes entries that no longer have an associated file or directory, thus maintaining system efficiency.

A significant feature is its ability to convert these short path values back into long path values for easy understanding.

The program also includes features for backing up and restoring environment variables, providing an additional layer of data protection.

This application fills a unique niche in system maintenance, extending the scope of cleaning beyond registries and browsers to include environment variables.


  • Small app
  • Works in new Windows systems and old ones until Windows XP
  • List all env. variables
  • List the path of every variable
  • List Var variable and name
  • Edit variable
  • Include import and export
  • Delete unconfirmed entries

Project Status

The project hasn't been updated for years, yet it continues to gain active users.


  • Free app

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