Clifm: Command Line File Manager For Linux, Windows, macOS

No GUI, no TUI, AND no menus. Just you and a powerful, file-management oriented command line.

Clifm: Command Line File Manager For Linux, Windows, macOS

CLFIM or Clifm is a text-based terminal file manager that operates on the command line. Unlike other terminal file managers, such as Midnight Commander and Ranger, which are built using the TUI design principles, Clifm is built using CLI design principles.

Clifm is designed to provide a simple and efficient way of interacting with your file system. Instead of navigating through a big menu of files, you can just type in the commands you need. It is a fully-featured, powerful, and extensible file manager that provides a great user experience.

The focus of Clifm is on design and user interaction, making it easier and faster to use than other file managers. With Clifm, you can manage your files quickly and efficiently, without having to spend a lot of time navigating through menus.

In summary, Clifm is a great tool for anyone who wants to manage their files efficiently and quickly on the command line.


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  • Windows
  • Linux: BSD, openSUSE, Ubuntu, Arch Linux,
  • Windows


  • This project is licensed GPL version 2 (or later)


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