Cockpit CMS: Create a Headless System within mins

What is Cockpit?

Before we start we have to clarify that: there are two Cockpit projects, one is for managing servers and the other Cockpit project is for creating a headless API system, which is our topic today.

The Cockpit CMS is an open-source self-hosted headless CMS "content management system" that is completely API-driven.

It uses SQLite or MongoDB as a database backend, and comes with a straightforward user-friendly interface. However, MongoDB is highly recommended in production.

Cockpit Features

  1. Easy to install, configure, and use
  2. Comes with a user-friendly responsive interface
  3. Built-in multi-user support
  4. Features collections, singletons, and forms
  5. User can install it using Docker
  6. Supports a dozen of useful field types
  7. It comes with a built-in support for webhooks
  8. API-end is secured by secure API tokens
  9. Requires minimal resources
  10. Supports image, and file attachments
  11. Does not require any restart after data structure changes
  12. Multilingual support
  13. It offers a rich command-line CLI tool
  14. Built-in import and export tools for database entries
  15. Uses SQLite or MongoDB
  16. Supports user groups
  17. User can set permissions per collection, singleton or forms
  18. One-file configuration
  19. Support email notification
  20. Email is configured through the email config file.
  21. User can configure the CORS using the config file.
  22. Rich user management API for collections, singletons, forms, user auth and more


As, We used Cockpit i few occasions, we highly recommend it for small projects.


Cockpit CMS is an open-source project released under the MIT License.


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