Converter Now: An Impressive Privacy-focused Free Unit Converter

Converter Now: An Impressive Privacy-focused Free Unit Converter

Paid and even free unit converter are available to download from Google Play, and Apple's App Store. However, if they are free they are often polluted with ads, and tracker scripts. Here, we provide you a feature-rich unit converter app for Android: Converter Now.

Converter Now is a Libre (Open Source) lightweight unit converter app, that features a user-friendly interface, and a dozen of units that you can convert from and to.

The app is written in Dart and Flutter, and it is released as a mobile (Android), desktop app for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Furthermore, Converter Now supports currency converter for more than 30 currencies, with its updated value.


🚀 It is made to be easy, fast and usable: just start typing, and immediately you have the real-time conversion with all the other units of measurement!

🖌️ It is customizable: the units can be reorganized according to your priorities and your use case

🔢 It integrates a Calculator that let you do the calculations in every page

💰 Currency conversions are updated daily

⚫⚪ Choose your favourite theme: dark or white theme

📱🖥️ Full Smartphone, Tablet and Web app support

💯 It is free, no ads, no analytics, no permissions (just Internet to update currency conversions). And first of all it is open source!

Here are some of the physical quantity that Converter NOW is able to convert:

  1. Currencies: Dollars, Euro, Pound, Rupee, Yen, etc
  2. Length: meters, inches, miles, yards, light years, etc.
  3. Area: square meters, hectares, acres, etc.
  4. Volume: cubic meters, liters, gallons, pints, spoons, etc.
  5. Time: seconds, hours, days, years, weeks, millennia, etc.
  6. Temperature: Centigrade, Fahreneit, Kelvin
  7. Speed: meters per second, kilometers per hour, knots, etc.
  8. Mass: grams, pounds, tons, atomic mass units, etc.
  9. Force: Newton, dyne, pound-force, poundal, etc
  10. Pressure: pascal, bar, atmosphere, psi, etc.
  11. Energy: Joule, calories, kilowatt-hours, etc.
  12. Power: Watt, kilowatt, horsepower, etc.
  13. Fuel consumption: Miles per Gallon, Kilometers per liter, etc.
  14. Numeral systems: decimal, binary, hexadecimal etc.
  15. Torque: Newton metre, pound-force foot, poundal meter, etc.
  16. Digital data: Nibble, bit, byte, kibibit, kibibyte, etc.
  17. Shoes size: UK, India, Europe, USA, Japan, etc.
  18. Angles: degree, radians, minutes, etc.
  19. SI prefix: kilo, mega, giga, tera, milli, micro, nano, etc.


  1. Android
  2. Linux
  3. Windows
  4. Web (PWA)


Converter Now is released under the GNU General Public License Version 3.0.


  1. Download from F-Droid
  2. Download from Google Play
  3. Source code

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