ConvertiGo: RAD web and mobile development with low- and no-code support

Create Desktop web and Mobile apps once and run on multiple devices (iOS, Android, Windows phone).

ConvertiGo: RAD web and mobile development with low- and no-code support

ConvertiGo is a No-Code, Low-code platform for full-stack mobile and web application development. It helps developers to keep a huge amounts of time and money instead of waste them by writing and maintaining complex code.

ConvertiGo currently used by more than 150K developers worldwide, building enterprise class mobile apps.

ConvertiGo written in java, JavaScript, Typescript and HTML.

Convertigo platform

ConvertiGo Studio

Convertigo platform is composed of several components such as:

  1. Convertigo Server
  2. Convertigo Cloud
  3. Convertigo Client SDK
  4. Convertigo Studio
  5. Convertigo Forms Builder (Not free)
  6. Convertigo Mobile Builder (Not free)
  7. Convertigo MBaaS (Not free)


  1. Connect to enterprise data using a wide range of connectors(SQL, Web Services, HTML, API)
  2. IDE-alike UI
  3. Drag-and-drop widgets support
  4. Cross-platform
  5. Has a server-side business logic builder
  6. Support notifications
  7. Test-driven development
  8. Offline data support
  9. Integrated version control
  10. Deploy on the cloud
  11. Multiple environments
  12. Security gateway
  13. Monitor activity
  14. Server logging
  15. User authentication
  16. Task scheduler
  17. Mobile builder
  18. Visual drag and drop UI
  19. Support angular and ionic
  20. MADP frontend
  21. Mobile build service for iOS and Android
  22. Offline data support
  23. Analytics
  24. Cloud or on-premises
  25. IoT support
  26. Open-source software
  27. Enable your apps to be hosted anywhere you decide
  28. Featuring MXDP (Multi eXperience Development Platform)
  29. PWA (Progressive Web App) support
  30. Integrate in standard DevOps and Continuous integration cycles.
  31. Low-code backend for developers
  32. REST-JSON connector
  33. REST-XML connector
  34. Backend Cache
  35. Admin dashboard and console
  36. Integrated version control
  37. Rich documentation
  38. Video tutorials for developers and citizen developers
  39. BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) support

Supported platforms

The platform runs smoothly on Linux servers, Windows services, Desktop machines which runs on macOS, Windows or Linux.

Developers can self-host and install Convertigo community edition on DigitalOcean, AWS, IBM cloud or any other hosting platform with simple and few steps.

On-premises installation is also supported in the free community edition.


Convertigo Community Edition is AGPL based.


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