CrafterCMS is an open-source Headless Git-based Enterprise CMS

What is CrafterCMS?

CrafterCMS is a free, open-source headless CMS for enterprise that uses Git-based versioning and offers multiple backend support.

What can you build with CrafterCMS?

CrafterCMS is a modern content management platform for building digital experience applications including:

  • Single Page Applications (SPAs) using frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular
  • Native mobile apps and headless applications (IOT, digital signage, wearables, etc.)
  • HTML5's websites using Bootstrap or other HTML frameworks
  • e-commerce front-ends
  • OTT video experiences on AWS Elemental Media Services
  • AR/VR applications using A-Frame

Built for authors, developers and DevOps

CrafterCMS is an ideal solution for content creators, DevOps, and developers. It can be also used by mobile developers as a backend for their mobile apps.


CrafterCMS comes with dozens of useful features

  1. Totally free, and open-source (GPL-3.0).
  2. It comes with a web-based content management tool for authors that include: versioning, scheduling, workflow and publishing.
  3. Built-in IN-CONTEXT AND DRAG & DROP EDITING: User friendly graphical editing for all types of digital experiences, including single page application.
  4. It comes with a built-in command-line tools to ease DevOps, and developers tasks
  5. CrafterCMS works with any Git-based service like GitHub and GitLab.
  6. It supports GraphQL out-of-the-box which allows developer to create apps in no time.
  7. CrafterCMS offers a native backend support for Java/Spring and NodeJS.
  8. Comes with a seamless content management workflow with versioning support, and simple configuration
  9. Built-in search support
  10. CrafterCMS's shared-nothing architecture helps developers build elastically scalable, globally distributable content applications.
  11. It supports code forwarding, content back
  12. It can be integrated with any  automation workflow system.
  13. WORK WITHOUT INTERRUPTION FROM IT: Integrated DevOps and deployment processes that allow authors to work without interruption during code deployments.


CrafterCMS is released as an open-source project under GPL-3.0 License.


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